There was a time when Facebook and Twitter were the most popular social media platforms. By the term ‘Social Media’, the first thing which came to our minds was the blue color F symbol of Facebook.

But, time has changed. Now social media influencers are more active on Instagram and YouTube. Youtube has a user base of 1.9 billion and Instagram has a user base of 1 billion monthly active users.

Hence, these 2 platforms are not only famous among normal users, but also among various businesses and brands as well.

Both platforms have a huge user base. But what if you have to choose anyone between them for marketing? Which one you should go with?

It’s a tough job to choose from. But don’t worry, here are some of the benefits of both of the platforms which can help you to clear this question.

Benefits of Youtube for Marketing

There are about 2 billion active users today on YouTube among which 79% of users have their own accounts.

Hence there’s a great opportunity on YouTube for you if you can promote your brand through youtube videos. You can create videos based on your brand and business defining its features and facilities.

Many businesses also sponsor famous influencers to promote their brand and products. They usually make videos on tutorials, unboxing videos, or mention the features and facilities of your brand in their content. This can really help to drive a lot of traffic to your website.

Benefits of Instagram for Marketing

Instagram has gained a huge amount of fame and user base in a short period of time. Its visual nature appeals to both users and brands. You can post engaging and beautiful images of your products to get the attention of your target audience.

There are other features of Instagram such as Instagram Stories, Live broadcasts, and video posts. You can use these new features to create content to easily promote your brand.

This will help you create high-quality traffic to your website and increase your brand’s sales. It will also help you widen your reach and increase your knowledge of your brand. You can also use Instagram to build relationships with your audience on a more personal level.

Which one is better for Marketing?

  • Search Visibility

YouTube is a search engine and Instagram is a social media platform. They are made of different concepts. You’ll get better results on search engines as compared to Social media platforms.

So when you try to search for any video suppose Social Media Influencing, YouTube can show you better results as compared to IGTV on Instagram.

Second thing, when you browse something on google, it comes under search results of YouTube too. Hence, you get a combo of views on google as well as YouTube. But such facilities are not available on Instagram.

  • Organic Views

Let’s hop to the next topic which is organic reach.

Among YouTube and Instagram, Instagram wins the battle in the field of organic reach. When you post something on Instagram, it will reach every follower. But when you post something on YouTube, it doesn’t properly reach your followers.

Hence, earning views is a bit tougher on YouTube. You’ll get more responses on Instagram in comparison with YouTube.

As mentioned before, YouTube is a search engine. It doesn’t let your every video reach every follower. It’s possible for your video to go viral and get more views on YouTube if you can make videos on trending topics and the keywords people search most.

  • Editing videos

Coming to the next topic which is Editing Videos. When you post any video on Instagram IGTV, it doesn’t let you edit it after uploading it.

But in the case of Youtube, they have a separate application named YouTube Studios which provides an inbuilt editor through which you can edit your videos even after uploading which is a very big plus point for content creators.

If you wish, you can crop, add music, or change any part of your videos very easily. In case you get a copyright issue on any part of your video, you can easily change the issued part and make it legal easily.

  • Monetization

As we know, we can earn on YouTube through Google Adsense which we cannot do on Instagram. For example, when you create content for youtube, they are paying you for your job through google Adsense just after you complete your 1k subs and 4000 hr watch time.

There are more other ways to earn from YouTube such as Affiliate marketing, sponsorships, super chat donations during live streams, and much more.

In the case of Instagram, nothing such facilities are provided. So it’s better to create content for Youtube than Instagram for earning or promoting your brand.

  • Insights

Coming to the next topic which is insights. When we post any content, and if we want to know complete detail about the views, the videos which generated the most number of subscribers, etc, it can easily be done through YouTube Analytics.

But Instagram fails to provide such features.

  • Promoting Videos

You can promote your videos on YouTube through Google Adsense. For example, if you are getting 1000 views in general, you can increase your views by up to 10,000 views by promoting those videos through advertisements. But such promotions are not possible on Instagram.

In a Nutshell

Be it a search engine or a social media Channels , a huge number of user base and specific features, both of the platforms are great at different points.

Instagram would be a great choice if you have a short term business or have just started your brand and you don’t want to invest in expensive equipment for creating content for YouTube.

However, it would be a great option if you go with ‘Instagram plus YouTube’ forthe best results, instead of being confused between ‘Instagram Vs YouTube’ as every single influencer does.

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