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COSPLAY is a popular form of performance art among young people nowadays. The reason why it is growing so fast and forming clubs in many colleges and universities largely comes from the influence of comics, games, etc. As far as I know, there are a large number of friends who are interested in cosplay but are afraid to try it for various reasons because they lack confidence. I hope that writing this article will give this group of friends the courage to try.

On the subject of physical appearance.

Remember, appearance doesn’t really matter, not just in cosplay, but in life as well, because there are many ways to make you look beautiful. For example, the angle of the camera, makeup artist, post ps, etc. Compared to these external means, your own efforts seem more important. For cosplay, the expression is important. I suggest you can often practice expressions in the mirror, by the way, but also to understand which angle is suitable for yourself, to facilitate the photographer to shoot, facial expressions are not rich friends can try this approach. In addition, weight loss methods, maintenance, and other methods to find it yourself online …… remember to persevere.

After finding confidence, select the role.

When you choose the role, the most important thing is not only love but also “suitable”. The right here includes the body also includes temperament. If your body is very good, then do not choose a flat-chested role; if you have a variety of flat circumference, then give up the role of the type of bumpy it. It will be difficult to “change” your figure, and it will look strange. In terms of temperament, if you are naturally sweet, then don’t try to become a cold beauty. Even if you do not smile, the camera still does not have the effect of cold beauty.

Preparation before cosplay.

There will be a lot of tips online about this aspect as well. In my opinion, it is determined by your own personal situation. In my personal experience, I generally pay attention to these areas.

  1. the maintenance of nails. For some roles that require capturing hand movements, this aspect is usually neglected.

  2. keep fit, eat healthily, and take care of your skin.

3.The night before a cosplay shoot, don’t drink too much water, eye puffiness is a difficult problem to solve. Then try to eliminate the dark circles …… black eye circles serious then you can use the alternating hot and cold towel compress method [two basins, fill a basin of cold water, a basin of hot water. Then first hot towel hot compress for ten minutes, then cold water for ten minutes, alternating until the dark circles disappear]

4.On the day of the shoot, remember to eat a full breakfast. Because makeup eating will be very inconvenient. Remember to prepare straws to drink water to avoid damaging the makeup of the lips.

Cosplay makeup.

You can either find your own makeup artist or do your own makeup.

If you are ready to look for a makeup artist, don’t be overly harsh on the makeup artist, it is a good character to be respectful and civil, and polite. You can also make your own requests seriously, and the requests must be reasonable.

If you are doing your own makeup, you can go online and find information on this subject if you have questions.

cosplay photography.

I would recommend looking for a crosstown photographer who is closer or your partner who can do photography.

Again, there are requirements to say in advance, still do not be so harsh on the photographer.

I believe there are a lot of friends who like to cosplay who are eager to try, but for some reason are always afraid to try. I hope that every friend who likes cosplay will have the courage to cosplay and that all newcomers will be able to complete a perfect cosplay successfully. At the same time, I would like to recommend the Cosplaylab website to newcomers, where you can always find cosplay inspiration and buy cosplay costume, as well as the courage to cosplay.

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