wordpress vs drupal

WordPress Vs Drupal: Which is the best choice in 2023? Since their inception, both Drupal and WordPress count their own merits and demerits while considering various features.

Both Drupal and WordPress belong to CMS (Content Management System). They both fledged in around 2002. However, WordPress can boast its popularity more than that of drupal globally due to its vast field of usage. Here I will list out some major points that can be considered in the calibration of your website.

WordPress Vs Drupal: Comparison


First of all, despite emerging in nearly 2000, WordPress gained fame due to its flexible features and user-friendly interface. It is in no shock that WordPress can be operated even by non-developers. On the other hand, Drupal due to its technical complexities cannot be accessed easily. You can upgrade to Drupal if you can operate it either can hire a developer for it.

Problem Fixation

Being greatly known and simpler in codes, WordPress can get its problem identifiers globally. Your bugs could get fixed within a short period that too with great ease. However, Drupal has complexity in its coding system which requires an expert developer.

Market share

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Since 2001, WordPress has been incorporated into more than 40% of the millions of websites worldwide holding 64% of the CMS market share. While looking at the data of Drupal, it constitutes only around 1.7% of the overall websites complying with 3% of the market share. Every website chooses WordPress because of its ease of use as stated above.

Multilingual Abilities

Drupal has core multilingual abilities. It can be adapted to more than 30 languages and no extra module is required as it is hinged inside the codes only. While speaking about WordPress, It will need external plugins like WPML to be used by multilingual sites.

Customization Features

WordPress has thousands of functionality features that go along with thousands of aesthetic features. For WordPress, there are more than 55000 plugins and 8000 plus themes which are around 45000 modules for Drupal and 2500 themes for it. While upgrading the Drupal version these even fall to 4000 modules and 250 themes. This is, in fact, one of the major deciding factors when it comes to WordPress Vs Drupal.


Drupal is inflexible in terms of third-party integration. It is difficult to integrate with third-party tools and thus there are only a few options to make your dream website exactly as you visualized. Whereas numerous plugin tools offer millions of permutations to create your dream website metaphorically equivalent to your visuals.

Content Workflow

Drupal provides a well-organized content workflow which also helps us to define other multiple workflows. This does prevail in WordPress even but the efficiency gets slightly ruptured. Drupal takes extra care in defining the content workflow, while WordPress’s main feature involves customization keeping the content as a subordinating aspect.


While talking in terms of security, Drupal leads in this sector. This is because its technical complexity does not allow hackers to use it. According to the survey in 2018, WordPress reported more than 542 (which was a 30% increase from 2017 reports) vulnerabilities of the websites and claims its use from malware sources because a non-developer even can access the WordPress websites making them vulnerable to hackers.


Some of the websites using WordPress Vs Drupal are listed below:

  1. Whitehouse.gov
  2. Sony music
  3. Microsoft News
  4. The Walt Disney company

While that use Drupal are

  1. Nasa.gov
  2. Tesla Motors
  3. McDonald’s Australia

Pricing and Maintenance

Maintaining a WordPress site is quite easier compared to Drupal. However, Drupal provides an extended core facility for updates and code deletion to have a cleaner codebase. Excellent websites can definitely be built on both keeping the fact in mind that Drupal requires both expertise and a huge budget even for maintenance. While a similar-level website can be a 1/10th fraction of the Drupal price involving multiple customization options than drupal.

In all, if you need a 6-8 week maintained and focused work on developing a website using Drupal, it will cost you around 5k to 20k dollars which in turn becomes around 250 to 1000 dollars for a WordPress Website.

WordPress Vs Drupal: Have You Made the Decision?

It would be a little biased to say that either of them is better. Upgrading to a newer version of Drupal might go easy as migration options are quite flexible if your modules are up-to-date. But if you are looking for a more user-friendly option, WordPress is surely the answer.

Again if you want to secure your high-end data and do not take a grant of any pinch of a glitch, Drupal will be best suggested as it counts for very low hacking hazards. On my sole consideration, if excluding the highest need of security, you can go for WordPress more likely than Drupal. Also if you have small to medium-scale businesses, WordPress can become your one-stop ultimate option. You can hire an experienced WordPress Development Services Provider company that can help you to develop the best WordPress website according to your need. So, which one is it? WordPress Vs Drupal?