Introduction to WordPress: How to Get the Best Out of it?


WordPress is a host to millions of websites which makes it a popular blogging system. It is preferred by most people for website management as not only is it free but also an open source for content management. Navigating around WordPress can prove to be exhausting to those without technological know-how and this article is meant to help you figure out your way around it.

  • Buy hosting and domain

In order to get started on WordPress, you need to buy hosting and domain for your website. Many companies that specialize in web hosting and domain registration are available on the internet. After selecting the company to host your website, go through the hosting and domain packages that they offer and select one that supports WordPress. You will be required to fill out a few personal details before installation.

  • Install WordPress

To effectively install WordPress, you should click on install WordPress on the installer. After you provide the domain that you bought and completely filled in your details, WordPress will be successfully installed. You can go ahead to log in with the details that you provided during the installation of WordPress.

  • Install a theme

After the installation of WordPress, a default theme is activated on your website. If you want to change the theme, you can check out WordPress responsive themes for a wide variety of themes. Before you install a theme you should ensure that it is compatible with your website. You can try it out using a theme demo which gives you an opportunity to see how the theme looks like when applied on a website.

  • Install plugins

Plugins are WordPress accessories which are meant to ease the use of WordPress. To install plugins, you need to select plugins on the dashboard and click on add new. Remember to activate the plugin for it to work by clicking on the activate button that automatically appears after a successful installation of the plugin.

  • Creating new pages

If you want to use WordPress as a blog you might need to create new pages although some themes provide new pages. If your theme doesn’t have new pages, you can check out best WordPress templates which are a collection of different templates that you can choose from to create your new pages.

You can also install a plugin from WordPress which enables you to create new pages absolutely free. Elementor page builder is such a plugin with the capability to add text images, columns, and sliders on your blog post to make it more colorful and interesting to the readers. It also enables the editing of the blog post before publishing as well as modification of the homepage to suit your needs.


Hopefully, this article has served its purpose by helping you to get started with WordPress. The whole process from installation to successful operation entails a lot of details and the important thing to do to ease the process is to carry out an in-depth research before installation.

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