Why You Should Lock Your PDF Business Files?


Last updated on May 2nd, 2022 at 08:47 am

There is no question about the wideness of this format. Today, PDF files are used in different industries for storing, sharing, and even distributing personal or work-related documents. This format is undoubtedly safe and convenient for use, but you might still have to work on its security.

PDF is one of the safest document formats. Still, you must also know that the hacking industry evolves every turning day. It has become very easy to access information from an unlocked PDF file. So today, you need to lock your PDF files and impose a secure file transfer policy in your private space and workplace.

You need to ensure that your PDF files are secure if you don’t want to lose your data. There are hundreds of reasons why you need to protect your PDF files as a business or individual. In this article, we will list down some of the most important reasons that would help you understand why it is important to secure your PDF business documents. The core reason behind protecting or locking PDF files is to ensure that only relevant and authorized people can access the document and its contents. However, this is also the reason many business owners spent a lot of money on document management software.

To know why you need to protect PDF files or secure them, you must read this post.

What are the reasons to secure your PDF files?

As we have told you before, there are hundreds of reasons you need to secure your PDF files, but here in this section, we have only discussed the top ones.

To ensure the originality of content in the file

One of the most important reasons for securing your PDF files is to maintain content integrity. Content integrity refers to the insurance of keeping content in a file unchanged. You need to secure your PDF file to ensure that it remains consistent for all recipients. The easiest way to do this is by locking it. If you don’t want to lock the PDF file, then you can also save each PDF page as png image. It is impossible to alter the contents of an image.

If you have important information in a document, you need to lock it with a password. Suppose your PDF document has visual content like links or embedded forms. In that case, you should lock it so that users would not deliberately or accidentally access the landing pages or forms. You can also protect the integrity of your documents by simply signing off the file with your digital signature.

To limit the access of users who can view the PDF document

You need to secure your PDF files to cut off any chances of it being edited and limit the number of people who can view the PDF file. PDF files by nature are portable, which means that they can be viewed by anyone but cannot be edited. But today, there are many PDF converters free online tools that all file holders can use to manipulate the files. If you want to avoid this kind of scenario, you need to limit the access of people who can view the file.

Once you limit the access of the PDF file, you can shrink down the size the chances of it getting hacked or losing confidential information. You can use online PDF locking tools for this purpose. Always choose reliable security tools for encryption.

To protect the copyrights of the document

Another important reason to lock secure your PDF files is to protect the copyrights of the content in the file. If you have created textual or visual content and stored it in a document, you need to make sure that you save it in PDF in a locked folder. If you don’t secure your PDF file and think that it will remain safe on its own, you are mistaken.

If you are careless in locking your PDF files, you can lose all your hard work if it gets plagiarized. Once your content gets duplicated, it can be extremely hard for you to find the culprit. Now you must know that according to the copyright protection laws, the content owner is the only person who has to protect the originality of their work. They are also the ones who will face any copyright infringement penalties if they are accused of plagiarism. So if you want to keep yourself safe from this hassle, it would be wise to lock your files with a password.

To stop free sharing of the PDF document

PDF files are easy to share and read because of their portable nature. Still, it is also true that if you share an unlocked PDF file, then it can be forwarded to hundreds of other people without any restriction. Anyone who has free access to the file can share it, and your confidential information can easily leak out to the wrong people because of it. Sharing PDFs with classified information with free access can become a major issue for you or your company which is why you need to secure it.

You can set a key from the very interface of PDF, or you can use alternative platforms like adobe which would help you set a list of people who can access the file. You can share the emails of the people you want to give access to, or you can share the passcode to those specific users if you trust them.

To comply with the data protection laws

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Locking a PDF file or optimizing its security is also important because of the updated data protection laws. Today you have to ensure that a customer’s or client’s private information is kept secure. If you fail to comply with these latest policies, you can easily be penalized.

Having listed all these reasons, you need to understand that it is important to protect data today for your good. Whether you want to protect your PDF files or not depends on the type of content you have on the document. If you have important information saved, you need to use online PDF security tools; otherwise, you are good to go!

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