Why Should You Change from Manual Pipetting to Automation?


Automation is the key to success in all kinds of working environments. One thing we all must agree on is that it is the age of rapid technological evolution. It is a fact that every industry is following process automation for all the advantages such advancement brings.

However, one of the sectors we will talk about today is the operational environment of biotechnology or pharmaceutical laboratories. The medical R&D sector has seen an immense shift from a manual to an automated system for all the advantages such a system brings. And the lab pipetting process for liquid handling is one of them that makes R&D easier like never before.

It is widespread to ask why you should have a traditionally operating lab transition from manual pipetting to automation method and what benefits you get for the same. Some of the most important reasons why you should shift to process automation from the age-old manual pipetting are mentioned below.

Better Accuracy in Liquid Handling

The first and most important reason we think automation is essential in this field is that it guarantees you better accuracy. If you constantly have to update the requirements and ensure that the quantity you are transferring is set manually, then it can increase the possibility of making mistakes; however, that is not the case for automation.

Time Efficient Requiring Less Resources

The primary reason why you must shift to an automated pipetting method is that it offers time efficiency. And hence, your lab staff will be able to do a lot more work in less time. Most of you would agree that when you are working in an R&D lab setting, time is significant and automation is one factor that ensures complete time efficiency. You would be able to utilize your staff on other additional work as well if they can save some time in the liquid handling process.

User-Friendly Liquid Handling Bot

Scientists and other professionals who work in a laboratory need to deal with liquids of various volumes in the range of μL. Liquid handling robots like the flowbot™ ONE come with an intuitive user interface. Your staff can learn to use this bot in just about an hour. Also, if the lab procedure changes, you do not need to make any complicated changes in the bot. It primarily offers a plug-and-play solution with some simple adjustments so that anyone can use it to get all the benefits.

Less Maintenance Than the Traditional Set-Up

Liquid handling robots like the flowbot™ ONE require very less maintenance. Manual pipetting, on the other hand, is much more challenging and maintenance of the same is also time-consuming. Incorporating a robot for an automated liquid handling process will make the job easier for everyone. If you go for flowbot™ ONE to automate your lab operations, liquid handling will not remain a problem anymore. Also, the maintenance work of such advanced bots is a bare minimum, so the professionals will be able to focus on their core job rather than worrying about the maintenance of the pipetting robot.

Spend Less In Pipetting Automation

Process automation always offers the best ROI. Though the initial investment may seem to be a significant amount to spend, however, in the long run, you will gain on the investment. The liquid handling bot flowbot™ ONE offers extremely high efficiency, requires less maintenance, and it is easy to manage by all your lab professionals. Incorporating such a robot will be the best choice if you do not want to spend much on resources while ensuring to get the most from process automation and return on investments.


The concept of using automated pipetting robots is widespread; hence, using the same is quite convenient for lab usage. Using high-end liquid handling robots will offer a lot of benefits, and you will gain significantly by deploying such bots for the pipetting method.

Read more about pipetting automation and its benefits by clicking here. It is time to adopt flowbot™ ONE, one of the best liquid handling robots in laboratories. Also, get in touch with us today to know more about how you can utilize this bot in various pipetting scenarios.

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