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We all know or have heard of search engine optimization, and it’s easy for an SEO agency to offer white label SEO reseller packages to their clients and cater many digital marketing services to them.

Relatively new in the SEO industry, not many people know a lot about White Label SEO.

Read along to know What White Label SEO is and how you can make the most out of it.

What is White Label SEO?

White Label SEO means sourcing out SEO work that your agency can’t cater to. Basically, another agency will do your work but under your label.

White Label SEO is also known as SEO reselling or Private Label SEO.

Generally, white label SEO is important to an SEO agency’s mission to provide high-quality services and utmost satisfaction to their clients. But in order to do that, agencies should find a reliable reseller who can meet their needs. However, choosing the appropriate white label SEO service provider requires a lot of time, effort, and attention. Without these things, they may pick the wrong one for their requirements.

Thankfully, there are ways that can help SEO agencies find the perfect white label SEO provider. For example, it’s highly advised to consider the prospect’s history and track record. A white label agency with valuable years of experience and reputation is more trustworthy than those inexperienced companies. As such, SEO agencies should find the time to get to know the company’s years in business, the employees’ experience, certifications, and previous work.

Moreover, it’s essential to read some reviews to evaluate potential SEO resellers. There are many reputable websites out there that they can visit to know whether their prospects are legitimate and reliable. Lastly, as the world continues to evolve and new technological advancements are introduced in the market, SEO agencies should also consider a white label SEO provider that offers scalability. This means they should choose the one with the ability to accommodate growth within their infrastructure.

White Label SEO Services

Link Building

Link building services are the best option for any agency that is looking for quality, sizing, and ease.

Link building services include SEO-optimized content that will perform well in SERPs. Good quality content increases the authority of the website. To score backlinks, quality content is key. The right amount of links will be sourced for your website’s better ranking.

Backlinks are one of the most important Google ranking factors. Though backlinks are difficult to acquire. Make sure to hire an agency that has a good connection in the field to acquire quality links.

Keep in mind that the white label team operates at a large scale and can create continuous content and have the ability to manually outreach for backlinks. The team should be able to reach all types of businesses even if they are very industry-specific.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an extensive and time-consuming task especially if it is a competitive industry. You can outsource this task to a White Label agency that can boost your SEO program. Keyword research can be a good addition to your list of SEO services. Find an agency that approaches keywords with data analysis.

The white label agency will identify keywords and new keyword opportunities that you might have missed. Then they make a report of the findings to send to your client. This makes it look like the research and all the other work was done in-house.

Keyword strategy is key to see growth for organic traffic on a website. Companies invest a lot in SEO targeted especially at keywords research. Keywords show quick results.

On-page Optimization

On-page optimization improves the quality and relevance of a website. Relevance and quality is a ranking factor on search algorithms. White label agencies have tools and software to optimize web pages fast and properly. These can include blogs, landing pages, product pages, and HTML elements of the website.

As mentioned above, this service too is delivered with your branding to your client. On-page optimization too is a ranking factor. Hire a team that has a good amount of experience in the field as Google perpetually changes its algorithm and rolls out updates.

Content Strategy

For agencies that don’t want to hire too many writers or have space constraints or even don’t want to simply hire writers, outsourcing content strategy to a white label agency is a good idea. A white label agency will write SEO-optimized content which is high quality and will help you rank better for multiple keywords.

Publishing regular content builds websites goodwill and expertise as well as an authority on Google. White label agencies give access to dashboards of SEO tools. Optimize landing pages perpetually. It’s easier to work with a white label agency than hiring various freelance writers and coordinating with them.

Local Search

Small businesses require local citations on various websites. They need to get listed on them to be found on search engines as well as Google maps. Local search SEO also increases organic traffic on websites.

Local+on-page SEO optimization can improve searches in specific geographic areas. Local businesses should have locations on, on their website especially if they have stores in various locations.

Benefits of White Label Services

For many SEO agencies, getting quality white label services has several advantages to their business. These can include:

  • Improved SEO strategy
  • An addition of potential customers
  • Resell services at a good profit margin
  • Earn without having to deal with a big team


White label services are a blessing to agencies who are just starting out or who don’t mean to expand or can’t expand their teams. You get access to high-quality tools and Softwares because white label agencies update their tools regularly.

Author Bio — According to his team, Semil Shah can take any digital marketing profile to the next level. With over 15 years of experience in the SEO world, he is a certified SEO specialist, who mainly focuses on growing businesses. He is the Chief Marketer at Shrushti Digital Marketing. In his free time, you will catch him either listening to podcasts or trekking in the jungle clicking some really cool pictures.

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