What Makes a Game’s UI Design Profitable?


Game design is the art of creating a game that people want to play. A great game has all the elements of an engaging story, but it also needs an interesting and intuitive interface that allows players to interact with the game in a way that makes sense and is fun.

There are many types of games out there – everything from mobile apps that let you play against other people by swiping tiles on your phone’s screen to a simple game like Solitaire on your computer. But what is it about these different UIs, and how do they contribute towards making profitable games? Let’s find out.

What is UI in gaming?

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Game user interface (UI) is a key part of the game, which is responsible for guiding users through the process of playing the game. It’s the interface in which the player interacts with the game. It consists of several elements that can be customized to fit your game’s theme.

The main functions of UI are to

  • Provide information about the player’s current status and their in-game progress
  • Help players realize their goals
  • Make it easy for gamers to see what they need to do next.

A great UI design clearly illustrates how to play

The best UI design shows the player exactly what they need to do, and it’s not just about pointing them in the right direction; it also needs to be easy for them to navigate through the game.

This means that your UI should be simple, clean, and intuitive so your players can easily understand where they’re supposed to go. If there are too many options at once, it’ll become overwhelming for them (and you), so keep things simple with a few clear paths forward. Make sure that each path is clearly marked so players don’t get lost along the way or have trouble figuring out where they should go next—this will help you avoid frustrated players who might quit playing early on because they’re stuck or bored with your game.

Interesting challenges that make the player want to keep coming back

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Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to start making your game fun.

To do this, you need to create interesting challenges that will keep players coming back. You should make sure they’re achievable and rewarding—and that they’re unique, varied, and engaging.

Consider UX design

When you’re designing a game, it’s important to take UX design into consideration as well. The user experience (UX) is the interaction between a user and a product—the way users perceive and interact with your product and feel about it.

A good UX design will make users feel comfortable and confident using your application or playing your game, which can lead to higher engagement rates in turn.

What makes a UI game design profitable or not?

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There are several possible answers to this question, but let’s start by talking about what doesn’t make it profitable.

There are many types of games that don’t make money at all. If your goal is to be profitable as an indie developer, then you need to focus on the games where user acquisition costs (UAC) are low, and conversion rates (CR) are high.

In other words, players have to get into your game quickly and then spend money in-game so that you can earn revenue from them repeatedly over time.

A game that keeps players engaged is one way to keep UAC low. The more time they spend playing the app/game, and the more often they come back without needing any external prompts or reminders through push notifications, the lower UAC will be for getting new users into their first session with your product (and hopefully making them come back again). The best way to do this is through great UI design.

Final Thoughts

Every aspect of a design can affect the profitability of a game. It’s important for designers to consider these factors when creating any new game’s UI, as it will help them create an experience that’s fun and engaging. A poor UI can lead to players turning away quickly, so it’s worth spending extra time on getting it right if you want to earn maximum profits!

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