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Enjoy your favorite TV shows at any time, and anywhere, it is easier if you have a portable TV. If you want to acquire one, we have decided to help you through a special selection of products. We will also review this product.

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August DTV905 Portable TV Review

It is 9-inch Portable DTT Television that comes with a Compact LCD screen with Media Player. You can also connect USB Multimedia Player for enjoying your videos, music, and photos anywhere. Due to AV Video Input and Output, you can also watch your favorite movies and shows wherever you want. With the help of Real-time and scheduled recording feature, you can also record your favorite programs on pen drives and external hard drives.


  • Long battery life
  • USB media player
  • Real-time and scheduled recording
  • Good value for money


  • It has no HDMI connection
  • Sound with low maximum volume
  • Low viewing angle

Dimensions and weight

In a portable television, the characteristics related to its portability are essential to determine if it is adequate. In this sense, the size and weight of the TV will allow us to consider whether it is possible to move the device comfortably in addition to being able to store it in a comfortable, safe, and conducive way to take it from one place to another without problems.


The autonomy of the TV also greatly influences its performance, because it is what allows you to use it for a certain time that will be greater or lesser according to the power supply mode of the device. The most common is that it works using a battery, and this has an estimated operating time; hence it is necessary to inquire how long the TV can work with the full battery charge.


In the comparison of portable televisions, users make it clear that the tuning options that the equipment has also have much to do to determine the suitability of a model. At the outset, we must tell you that the most advisable thing is that you decide for one that admits the greatest amount of tuning options or specifically the largest amount of channels because, after all, this is what will allow your entertainment experience to be varied.


As you know, the TV screen is another important element for the entertainment experience, since it is the space where you can visualize the image.

Hence, the larger it is, the better the appreciation of the details. However, as we mentioned in the section on dimensions, a large screen also means larger and possibly more difficult equipment to transport, so you should analyze this aspect carefully. On the other hand, another aspect on the screen, in addition to its size, is the resolution, which is the value that allows you to estimate the quality of the image that will be displayed on it.

Remote control

It is an accessory that is an essential part of the TV because it allows better handling and control of it without having to be too close to it at all times. Thus, it is convenient to choose those models that meet this characteristic, also paying attention to the simple and intuitive structure of the remote control so that you can access all the functions included in it in the least complicated way possible.

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