What Is A White Label Website?


While many websites get help with their SEO or other behind-the-scenes work that is meant to help their business grow, you won’t always see much branding or advertising from those companies on the finished site. This might seem a bit odd at first, but it is quite a common practice for technical work or website maintenance: sites that do this are called White Label websites. But what makes them different, and why are they worth looking into?

Why Do They Exist?

Professional websites don’t spring up overnight, and it can often take a lot of professional assistance to create a website worth using. Larger companies might have an internal division for things like SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay-per-click advertising), or even the management of their brand’s reputation. These companies are a minority: most of them will need to get outside help, usually from specialist companies that are focused entirely on one set of tasks.

However, using another company can come with an extra set of problems. Perhaps it takes away from your website’s professional image or confuses customers who aren’t sure how the two businesses are related, and it can even sometimes make navigation slightly harder. With a white label company, there is no need to put a label or badge on your site that says “powered by Company X,” regardless of whether it is an international PPC business or the best SEO agency Surrey has to offer.

Why Does This Matter?

Let us say you are a relatively large company that is expanding into the Surrey area for the first time. People will naturally be curious, and you might get an influx of website visitors when your first physical property opens up in that local area. However, if you are getting help from whatever SEO services Surrey has at the time, you might not want to directly link to them. Not only does it give your competitors an idea of what you are using, but it might make you seem less legitimate.

By having a white label website SEO company working with you, there is no need to worry about hiding that side of your business. You are under no obligation to leave any hint of who you are working for. No matter which SEO company Surrey manages to give you, you will be able to keep all of their work behind the curtain while you continue business as usual.

There are a few distinct benefits to this. The first is the fact that you can indirectly claim that you did it all yourself: you are not saying that you did, but not having any kind of link back to an SEO partner can give investors or customers that impression. You might also simply be more comfortable with your brand’s idea of being entirely independent, especially if you have worked hard to make your company unique and separate from any other interested parties.

Should I Use White Label Websites?

There isn’t much of a difference between a white label site and any other kind of partnership in technical terms. The biggest reason you’d want to choose a white label over a ‘black label’ option is the fact that you can stay independent and aren’t forced to alter your site just to connect yourself to another company.

However, in reality, a white label website simply looks better overall. You not only have complete freedom from being tied down to a specific partnership by adding it to your site, but you are not having your brand represented by that company either: the entire set of SEO and PPC work is kept in the meeting room or in emails, and the public never sees any of it. You also aren’t paying extra for it most of the time, since very few companies market white label business as an extra feature that will cost more.

At the end of the day, there are no significant technical differences between either type of site or arrangement. However, you may be more comfortable with a white-label website, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. You might not see it as a big difference, and in that case, there is still no reason to avoid white-label websites. It is just another way of carrying out the same work, and some companies prefer one over the other.

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