Playing in online casino tournaments isn’t always a natural step for some people. Some players are happy simply playing their favourite slots and don’t want the complications that tournaments can sometimes bring. Other people are delighted to compete in extra competitions, given that they’ll be playing slots either way. What can you really win if you play in tournaments, though? It’s time to find out.

Win Real Money Prizes

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It is rare but winning real money cash prizes does happen. Of course, you probably think that people win cash prizes all the time. They do, but they aren’t always real money. Often, cash prizes are paid out as “bonus cash”. Winning real money, devoid of any wagering requirements at all, is rarer than it seems, but it does happen.

Or Bonus Cash with Strings Attached

Bonus cash is the most common prize awarded by casinos to players. This sounds like real money, but you won’t be able to withdraw it. That’s what separates it from real cash. Bonus funds at casinos can be used on all games or selected games, but since they are essentially bonus money, there are rules attached to what you can and cannot do with it. Wagering requirements, for instance, are usually in place here.

Fab Free Spins Up for Grabs

When a casino tournament isn’t dishing out the real money or bonus cash prizes, they may be rewarding successful players with free spins. Free spins are usually awarded as a way of landing consolation prizes, but it is not impossible that a prize pool of thousands of free spins would be shared out amongst the best performing players, either. Note that free spins may be valid on selected games or an array of them. The terms will vary from site to site.

Gizmos, Gadgets and More Besides

There is one final array of prizes that casino tournaments may decide to dish out. If you can’t win real money or bonus cash, and there are no free spins up for grabs, what can you win? Oddly enough, goodies. Gizmos and gadgets can regularly feature as prizes in slot tournaments and competitions. At the same time, you may also be able to get your hands on holidays in the sun or other goodies. A full array of prizes will be found under the terms and conditions of whatever competition or tournament you are considering joining.

What Do the Best Sites offer?

The very best casino tournaments will offer bettors a decent slice of everything. For instance, Rollers IO tournaments include cash prizes and free spins. They cover a decent array of the very best slots, and they are open to everyone. Like all good tournaments, Rollers Casino’s competitions have transparent terms and conditions. This isn’t the only top casino to carry such offers, though. There are dozens of top developers out there supporting excellent tournaments and competitions, so don’t hesitate to look around.