Ways To Get The Most Out of Your Returns in eCommerce


Running an online store can be difficult when you have everything to look after from marketing, managing inventory, fulfillment of orders, and specifically eCommerce returns.

eCommerce returns have become one of the major aspects of businesses that no one can avoid. If you are having crazy sales – it is possible that many of the customers to not get satisfied with the order they have placed.

Creating an eCommerce returns policy is a brilliant thing a seller can do.
You can set your store apart from others by coming up with a profitable policy. It depends on how well you manage your eCommerce returns. Getting the most out of your returns – and keeping your loyal and happy customers getting back for more is the key to success.

What are returns in eCommerce?

An eCommerce return is when a customer buys an object from a seller but does not accept the order and returns it to the store.

Just an example; if your customer buys kanye west pastelle varsity jacket from your store and wants to return it based on any reasons – a seller may fret a little bit but with the best policy to be followed for returns, you will soon see your “return” going home to its new owner!

3 common reasons for returns –

1. Size issues

Customers may find it difficult to know about the size of the product they are buying.
Buying in-store is a different experience where you can touch the fabric, and see the product to know whether there are any issues. You can also try on the product.
Fitting issues are considered as one of the major problems for customers returning the parcel.

2. Low marketing games

When a customer receives a product that isn’t up to par, it indicates that your product and marketing efforts aren’t on the same page.

3. Description not on point

When a customer receives a product that does not meet their expectations, it can be frustrating. This might happen for a variety of reasons, including a mismatch between your description and the product.

How to tackle returns?

1. Understand your customers

No need to get harsh if your customer returns the product. We know it can get saddening to see a product getting returned. Make sure you understand the reason behind it and know the actual cause for this return.

2. Question your product

Double-check if there is anything wrong with your item and therefore your customer rejected to receive it. What could be the problem behind it? Is the fabric okay? Or is there any gap between your product and the description you have provided?

3. Whether your product is promising

You need to know if the product you are selling is actually of any use to your buyers. A product with no purpose is like a showpiece locked in a wooden cupboard not fulfilling its purpose.

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Here’s How You Can Get the Most out of Your Returns in eCommerce

1. Acceptance mode

You have gone through the understanding and rejection phase – now it is time to accept what can be done further. Ask your marketers or strategy makers to come up with the best return policy because there may be something lacking about the product or its description that could not convey its real essence to the buyer.

2. Some amazing snaps

Did you check previous pictures of the product that has been returned to you?
Is it eye-catching, and making a sudden impact on the buyer? Does it seem promising and is it grabbing the attention of the buyer? Is it forcing someone to stop scrolling for a minute and to praise its beauty? If not – catchy pictures are all that you need to work on.

3. Add a perfect description

Include everything that YOU think needs to be added in the description!
Or you can take it in this way – imagine yourself as a customer, buying your product. Wouldn’t you be needing all the necessary information regarding that product? Right?

If the jacket you are interested in buying; first you will have to read its description before placing an order. Does it has two pockets? What is the fabric? What is the color of the product? You have to mention minute details like “there may be a slight difference in the color due to light effects” – once done, you are good to go!

4. Sell it at discounted rates

Make the product available for your satisfied customers by selling it at extra low prices. Or you can simply offer a deal to your clients; like buy one get one free. Or buy three pairs of joggers for the price of two.

5. Include it in Giveaways

It is raining “Giveaways” from the clouds!
Who does not love gifts and participating in giveaways?

Now is your time, you can add your returns in these giveaways, in return you can get exponential leads and several loyal customers.

6. Add Goodies with it

Add some amazing products while selling the return order. It is entirely on you what you want to add with it. It can either just be another left-out product or you can add some snacks with it to pop up the offered deal!


Products getting returned have become quite normal in the eCommerce world.
You need to listen to what your customers are saying while returning that product. If you get aggressive you may not only lose your customer but you will not get enough chance to sell the product in the best way. So, try focusing on the ways to make the most out of your product by following our article.

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