The whole world is trying to come out of the pandemic. In this critical time, the breadwinner of the family faces many economic crises. For example, being an employee in any sector should complete his or her work only online. Work from home was the option in companies and organizations earlier, but today that is the only way to accomplish one’s daily duties. This is much new to 50% of people who prefer only to work offline.

This current situation made everyone work online. Since this is the present scenario, the internet plays a vital role. Internet access makes one do work when this critical factor is interrupted; people’s work is disturbed. One should have proper uninterrupted internet access So he can discharge his responsibility without interruption.

Let’s see how one can avoid interruption of the internet during work from home. Before one starts his or her work on any device, he should ensure the following points to work with undrained internet during the course time.

Choose The Best Network

When one chooses the network for internet access, he or she must ensure the following factors.

  • Good downloading and uploading speed than other network connection
  • Whether the network has good connectivity in one’s locality
  • Appreciable customer care by the network provider
  • Better internet package than other network service providers


An Employee should be in rural, urban, semi-urban areas to be a right service provider in his or her locality. For example, Remote areas have low service providers, so that it causes an interruption of the internet.

One’s workspace in one’s house should be in an area where the internet quickly reaches the receiver. Make sure whether the data package is consumed and recharge it periodically.


We can generally classify internet users into two major divisions

  • Mobile data users
  • Wi-Fi users
  • Points to remember to avoid interruption while using mobile data

When one uses this mode of internet, they must discharge their works during the arrival of the daily internet package because during this time internet is much faster than other timings.

Use two networks so that when the call arrives, the data switches to the mobile phone’s alternative system. It is also advisable to use Wi-Fi since it has much efficient than the mobile network. Mobile data can be used in an emergency when the Wi-Fi connection is drained.

Points to remember to avoid interruption while using Wi-Fi

To have good connectivity while using Wi-Fi, one should ensure the below-mentioned terms are done right.

Back-Up For Wi-fi Provider

This may be the central issue faced by the employees during power off. The internet providing device, which is the router, turns off when there is power off. This problem can be solved by using a UPS. People hesitate to attach this because UPS’s cost is much more than the internet connection.

Now this problem can be addressed in a cost-efficient manner. There is no need to buy heavy-duty generators instead of which one can purchase router UPS, which much cheaper than other bulky UPS. When this device is plugged to the router, it charges itself to provide power when there is a power cut. This simple device enables us to solve the major issue during work from home situation. The Installation of this UPS is much simpler than others.

Position Of The Router

The router should be placed in a high planar surface so that it gained good internet signals. Avoid placing the router in lower surfaces so that this affects it from getting signals. So before installation, one should check all areas of the house for the position of the router.

Random Disconnectivity Issues

This problem may arise due to the setting fault in the device. By changing the setting, these problems can be solved.

  • The device should have a network acceptor deriver to receive the signal. For example, one who uses the Dell device should install dell wireless 1704 802. 112b/g/n. Similarly, each device has a specific driver solution that can be easily installed.
  • Use the driver versions suggested by the device you use. For example, intel(R)HR Graphics requires a driver version of
  • If the device does not have a Wi-Fi receiving option, then Wi-Fi adapters can be used, such as Microsoft virtual Wi-Fi Mini pot adapter.


  • Update the software periodically
  • Problems can be identified by using a troubleshoot option
  • Change the adaptor setting enabled
  • Restart the device and router when needed[not frequently]
  • Make sure whether Wi-Fi is on
  • Check whether the Wi-Fi is connected to the device.


When the points mentioned above are marked done before you start working from home, there will be no interruption on the internet during the course time. Start out with a stable IP address with the help of IPRouterLogin, first. By following these simple and efficient steps, one can have good access to the internet.