The Ultimate Guide to Understanding 1300 Numbers and How to Get Them


In the corporate world, businesses choose to use unique types of numbers, for instance, inbound numbers. For those that are not familiar with it, these are virtual business phone numbers meant for calls reception. They are quite different to landline numbers considering they are not fixed to any land line. When you check out the market, some of the common inbound include 1800, 1300 and the options covered here including how to get a 1300 number . Enterprises in Australia today resort to registering for 1300 numbers for a number of reasons.

How do they work?

Inbound numbers are just regular phone numbers however their flexibility over other options makes them superior which is the reason most businesses prefer to use them. Since they are not landline tied, you can easily manage how incoming calls are received by predetermining the answer points. The best part about predetermined answering points in an organization is dictating the when, where and how the calls coming to the organization will be received. Most businesses furthermore prefer it for the amplified affordability it incurs for businesses.

What are the types available?

The first option of 1300 numbers you can choose in Australia includes the standard option and the premium 1300 numbers. Unlike standard 1300 numbers that can be gotten from different providers around the world, the premium 1300 numbers have to be gotten directly from the main Australian Communication and Media Association (ACMA) site. Recalling the premium numbers is easier because the numbers are repetitive or include a spelled word unlike the standard numbers which are almost like regular numbers, tough to cram.

Why do businesses want to get 1300 numbers?

Improved communication is the main target when businesses get a 1300 number, however there are other known benefits highlighted here. Businesses improve their customer care and relation by availing a readily available business number for communication.

This furthermore makes your business improve its credibility to the market which is very necessary for proper branding of your business. Businesses also get this number in order to better management over incoming calls knowing the stations where they have to be received hence improving communication efficiency.

How do I get a 1300 number?

Most people purchase their 1300 numbers directly from the government website should they want premium 1300 numbers for their businesses. You only need to choose a number from the numerous provided on the site and have a licensed operator help you activate it. You are furthermore allowed to own more than one 1300 numbers for your operations depending on how many needs you have. Ensure to allocate the 1300 numbers strategically to different receiving stations based on how your business needs and structure is.

I already have 1300 number, what do I do?

For those businesses managers that already have 1300 numbers, transferring of the services to a new provider is also possible to suit your business. For porting of the number to be complete, you will need three essential details which are as discussed below.

  • Account number – this is what identifies the exact number that you got for your business calls and operations.
  • Name of your current provider – who registered you or activated services on the sim card you are using? Give the name of your past provider that you are trying to move from, which is TELCO for most clients in Australia.
  • Complete form of application – this represents your formal request on the porting process which when accepted will take a few days before full porting process is completed. Try to have as minimum disruptions as possible during the porting process period to amplify chances of success.

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