Top 6 Programming Languages to Master in 2021 for a Thriving Career


As the world rides the high wave of digitalization, more so with the pandemic making distancing a norm, it is no secret that computer science and programming is a hot career now. As per the reports of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, we can expect more than 25% growth for programming jobs by 2025, making it four times the average for all occupations.

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As the demand for computer scientists and coders grow exponentially, this is the ripe time to unleash the pro coder resting within you. With the world around us undergoing a digital makeover, learning new programming assignment help languages can be the best decision you could make right now. However, not all programming languages are worth your time and energy. So, which programming languages should you master for better career prospects in the future?

That is precisely why I am here today – to answer your doubts and give you a comprehensive list of the coding languages that are a rage in 2021. Read on for the fantastic insights and choose one or more from the list.

(Note: The list is in no particular ranking of popularity)

1. JavaScript

As per the 2020 Developer Survey conducted by Stack Overflow, JavaScript has ranked as the most popular and well-acclaimed language among web developers for eight years in a row. Along with CSS and HTML, JavaScript is the foundation for front-end development. Thanks to JavaScript, popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and YouTube have interactive web pages that can display dynamic content.

Even when paired with Node.js and React frameworks, JavaScript is one of the easiest and friendliest languages for beginners. This is mainly because of its flexible syntax and compatibility with all major browsers.

Best courses: Take a look at the Complete JavaScript Course 2021: From Zero to Expert by Jonas Schemedtmann

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2. Python

As per Stack Overflow’s survey, Python’s popularity has increased by 32% since 2017, and the figures are only expected to go higher. At present, there are 8.2 million Python developers in the world who code using Python, making the open-source programming language one with the maximum growth in less than 2 years.

Like Java, Python also has a diverse range of applications that makes it a versatile option for Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning projects. If you plan to have a career in back-end web development, you can go for the open-source Django framework.

Best courses: You can try out ‘The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications’ by Ardit Sulce on Udemy.

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3. Scala

The modern cousin of Java, Scala is used by 18% of all the popular websites like Instagram, Snapchat and Bumble. James Gosling, the father of Java, says, “If I were to pick a language today other than Java, it would be Scala.”

Scala receives so much praise because of its combination of Object-Oriented Structure and lightning-fast runtime environment, albeit with a modern twist. Scala allows coders to use concurrent programming, where coders can execute complex procedures in parallel.

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4. Kotlin

If you want to focus on Android App development, Kotlin is the best option for you. The best part about Kotlin is that the language addresses the weaknesses of Java. To gain a competitive edge over other app builders in the Android developer’s market, learn how to code in Kotlin.

Best courses: To learn Kotlin this year, you can consider the following courses –

· ‘The Complete Android Kotlin Developer Course by Hussein Alrubaye on Udemy

· ‘Kotlin for Java Developers’ by Svetlana Isakova and Andrey Breslav on Coursera

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5. R

The 18th annual poll of data science of KDNuggets’ has revealed that R is the second most popular language in data science. Even Google trends assert the rapid rise in the popularity of the R programming help language. Designed by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman at the University of Auckland, R is a comprehensive and statistical analysis language that lets users curate new and innovative ideas.

The most common applications of the R programming language are in the field of Data Science, Machine Learning, and Computing. So, if you want to land a job in the top IT companies like Cognizant, Accenture, or Capgemini, learning R programming language should be on this year’s to-do list.

Best courses – ‘The Complete R Programming For Data Science- 7 Courses in 1’ & ‘R Basics-R Programming Language: Introduction’

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If you are an Apple enthusiast, Swift is the best option for you. Founded by Apple, Swift is a programming language used solely to develop macOS and iOS applications. As Apple continues to dominate the market, the popularity of Swift is bound to increase.

What makes Swift a great language is that it is a general-purpose compiled programming language with a simple and cohesive syntax. It is highly influenced by Ruby and Python, borrowing the speed and accuracy and seamlessness from both frameworks.

Best courses: You can try out the iOS and Swift- The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp course by Dr Angela Yu on Udemy and “Introduction to Swift Programming” by Parham Aarabi on Coursera.

Parting Thoughts,

Since 2020 has boosted the world of digital technology, spurring the market for developers, mastering any one of the languages can benefit your career beyond your imagination. If you are new to the software development industry, determining where to begin can be the real challenge even before you start learning a programming language. While this list can help you zero down on an option, make sure to choose a programming language that you are intrigued to learn.

Keep calm and code on!

Author Bio: Michelle Hwan is a genius Java coder and a certified gizmo geek who also works in one of the tech moguls in the US. She is also a part of, where she offers Java homework help. Hwan loves to read books and go on hikes in her free time.




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