A Modern Peeping Tom: Top Downloadable Spying Apps for Android




When you hear the word ‘Spy,’ you’ll immediately think of something cool such as see-through binoculars, infrared sensors, immediate access to a device with a wristwatch, or even an umbrella that shoots bullets. Back then, we idolized a movie character named James Bond, a spy in the highest caliber with all his fancy gadgets and tools in his arsenal.

These days, when you hear the word ‘Spy,’ you’ll imagine some nerd behind a laptop doing some extreme coding to hack whatever he wants. Although the movies are a bit exaggerated, that’s exactly how it’s done. However, due to the availability of technology, almost anyone can do it now. And they can do it from anywhere with any handheld device or smartphone.

The Best Android Applications for Spying

It’s not news anymore that due to the technological advancement of gadgets and electrical devices, spying became a huge problem. Movies and television shows always exhibit how easy it is to hack a digital device. Whether it’s a street camera, a computer system, or even anyone’s smartphone device, hackers can tap into the device and acquire information.

We are now at the point when everything is almost accessible for everyone if you have the necessary tools for it. The tools needed to spy on someone are available to download in the application store for any Android device. Now, here’s a list of the top free spy apps for Android.


The Cerberus app is a personalized app that can track any phone. The app’s main feature is supposed to help users find a smartphone that got lost or robbed. Plus, it has a lot of other features as well. Users can take pictures of the robbers, smartphone commands through text, and you can choose the option to lock and wipe all the data clean.

There are times that a powerful app, such as this one, would end up used by the wrong people. Especially when it comes to the app’s other feature called the tracker. Anyone can technically track your device and know where you live. However, it all comes with a price of 5 dollars per year, which is a bit small for something this powerful.


Check out the iKeyMonitor if you’re searching for a spying app that is easy and gets the job done. It’s easy and accessible for any beginner with many features that has all the necessary spying needs. With this spying app, users can also have the most basic features found on a basic free spying app.

This includes internet connection monitoring, behavior, messages, and notifications. It also has certain unique features, such as taking a screenshot of the phone’s current activity and restricting the screen-time of the targeted device.


This spying app has unique features that can’t be found anywhere else. This app was developed and released to the public back in 2005, thus reassuring the users of the app that the developers know what they’re doing. If a user wants to spy on someone without getting detected, the app has a stealth mode so that the targeted device won’t even know.

This spying app is considered by many developers to be one of the top Android spying apps that is full of features. For instance, FlexiSpy allows the users to listen to the targeted phone’s microphone without them ever knowing. If you think about it, you can spy on anyone you want and listen to every dirty little secret they have.


SpyHuman has a smartphone and web browser monitoring functionality that ensures accessibility to its contents and activities. Including certain browser actions and access restrictions. SpyHuman also has the potential to track social media activities. However, put in mind that you need to root the device to gain access to content from messaging apps.

Google Family Link

Google Family Link is a spying application for any parents out there. It tracks your kids with the use of a Google account. The app allows you to view activities, manage apps, and even put restrictions on the device. You can also set device boundaries and, if needed, lock the gadget.

Teenagers can be full of surprises as they are now in a time when they discover many things about themselves and everything around them. This is why this spying app is perfect for any parent out there struggling to connect with their kids. With this app, users can know what they’re up to and to whom they are talking.


Everyone who has access to a smartphone can technically spy on anyone. However, to those inexperienced with coding, some developers thought they could sell their spying programs to average consumers. Others would share their spying apps for free just for fun. It all comes down to whether you can protect yourself from it, or not.

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