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Password management tools are one of the most straightforward and impactful investments a business can make when trying to improve its enterprise security. From the minutiae of client data to the access a business has to numerous assets, like ad accounts and intellectual properties, there’s a lot to protect. And believe it or not, a well-crafted password is still hailed as one of the best ways to keep your information safe from the eyes of the unauthorized. But that’s assuming you’ve protected your passwords, as well. After all, if they’re stored unsafely, it’s only a matter of time before your password gets used by the wrong person. A breach, seemingly from the inside. That’s what enterprise password management (EPM) is all about.

But there are different types of password management solutions, and some are costly — either in price or in the amount of space it uses to operate. Meanwhile, cloud enterprise password management is a type of EPM that focuses on the use of internet processes, rather than native programs, to perform its necessary functions. In short, you can use these EPM solutions completely online, saving your computer space and your in-house network for the things that matter most to your business. Check out the following cloud EPM programs that have proven the best for users in 2021!

PassCamp Enterprise

Hailed for being user-friendly to the point where even unseasoned users can find their way around by instinct alone, PassCamp is the first program that comes to mind when discussing cloud-based EMP. For PassCamp, there’s truly no other option — it functions all online, and there’s no downloadable program for it to take up space on your computer. In a lot of ways, this makes it the choice for cloud EPM users who don’t want to shop around; after all, there’s no way to mistake it for a desktop program when it’s cloud-only.

While the different account types improve the ease of maneuvers like the free creation of temporary access for guest users, you will need to use the Enterprise level security plan to use certain features, like single sign-on (SSO) authentication. The added bonus? PassCamp Enterprise is highly customizable — meaning you only make the plunge when you build the plan to fit your business’s needs.

Keeper Enterprise

With real-time dark web monitoring, protection against ransomware, and the creation of private, encrypted vaults for data storage, Keeper Enterprise is one of the more robust EPM solutions out there. More than that, though, their flexible infrastructure makes it possible for them to work natively, as well as acting as a cloud enterprise password management program when needed.

Designed to meet the highest of compliance standards, including Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) requirements, Keeper is trusted by users all over the globe to solve weak password security measures and to protect against data breach threats with features like the ability to grant or deny access to users automatically through pre-defined processes. In other words, Keeper Enterprise does the hard work for you, and it’s staying out of your way to make progress on the cloud, rather than forcing you to employ it on desktop exclusively.

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro

This product is a smart, secure option for password creation and storage, and it works across multiple devices as needed to keep employees connected when active while maintaining the security your business deserves. Not only can you access the administrative controls “off-network”, but you are able to employ the entire EPM as a cloud-based solution, or as one that’s employed directly to your network natively.

From departmental role management and access to the way that password sharing and other activities are recorded in detail for administration to evaluate, Password Manager Pro is a strong candidate for anyone who wants to closely manage the users and activity on their enterprise’s network. The product even comes in an MSP (Managed Service Providers) version of the product, designed to fit the needs of businesses who share access and change roles as part of daily operations.

N-able Passportal

Another program for EPM based entirely on the cloud, N-able Passportal is designed with MSP and IT operations in mind. From the intuitive, easy sharing of passwords and access roles to the ability to offer white-label password management for clients, administrators on N-able are always finding more reasons to love the product. That’s not to mention that it’s highly integratable with other programs and offers documentation that makes it easier than numerous other products to customize, operate, and manage.

Whether you’re simply managing a team, or you have an entire client base to whom you distribute access of different types, N-able Passportal is a most manageable and accessible way to do so — all while operating strictly from the cloud.

Thycotic Secret Server

An access management tool designed for larger teams with a centralized administration, Thycotic Secret Server is a program featuring Active Directory integration and simple processes for logging in, creating or resetting passwords, and giving admins complete reports of access and security activity.

In a central vault that’s protected by high-level data encryption, all the passwords and sensitive log-in information is kept safe and utilized by admins for verification. All this does work to an extent with the assumption that each admin user knows how to keep data safely stored, but provided that they adhere to security measures, there’s even a freemium version of Secret Server that appeals to smaller teams, to boot.


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