Top 5 Branding Strategies (How to Use Them in Business Growth)


In today’s industry, there are endless strategies that you can use for business development. But this also makes the choice confusing, as to which will prove most suitable for your brand. To make a well-informed decision it is better to gain some insight into branding and how it works. Knowing these details will also help you truly benefit from the brand strategies you apply. Along with earning awareness, equity, and recognition for your brand.

What Does Branding Mean?

In simple terms, branding is a marketing technique to help your business instantly be recognizable from others in your niche. But it requires translating brand messaging. It involves aspects like logo creation, mission statement, and design elements that stay consistent on all marketing channels. The right branding strategies will help your business to expand and engage with the target audience.

Now that we have a clearer perspective about branding itself, we can move on to the strategies. They are exclusively selected by our marketing experts at creative branding agency Dubai to guide your business towards success.

Product Branding

This strategy is most often used by brands big and small. It specifically focuses on a single product to make it as recognizable and unique as possible.

Distinct designs and symbols play an important role in this strategy. By making them stand out you can instantly catch the attention of consumers. With time they are able to identify your products on any shelf just by their appearance.

A great example of this is the Monster Energy drink. Its vivid coloring and logo make it clearly distinguishable from other brands of energy drinks.

Corporate Branding

The core value and philosophy of your business can be defined through corporate branding. It is the image an enterprise projects before its employees and the world at large.

An effective corporate branding strategy displays the company’s personality, core values, and mission. And it does so whenever there is interaction with prospective, past, or current customers.

Take Nike for instance, which has made its mission and values a part of all its products and platforms. Their mission statement is specifically directed towards individuals who are interested in athletic activities. It is also inspirational and encourages everyone to explore the world of fitness and sports.

Private Branding

The private branding strategy is a rather different approach from the ones we have shared till now. It is basically when a manufacturer produces goods for a reseller such as store-branded products. It is also sometimes referred to as a private label.

It is a cost-effective method to produce products without requiring investment in the entire manufacturing process. Using external manufacturers, a retailer can offer an extensive range of goods to all types of shoppers. It will cater to customers who are looking for inexpensive items and also who want premium products. Minimalist or No-Brand Branding

This strategy is often sought out by generic companies who are willing to let their products prove themselves without added embellishments. For these brands, their whole aesthetic and packaging is simple and without any flair. But their products leave their mark through quality and affordability.

It will be wrong to perceive however that minimalist branding does not require paying attention to packaging and design. In fact, the seemingly effortless aesthetic is the result of detailed visualizing and conceptual thinking. Minimalist designs bring out the most subtle yet effective parts of a logo. The simplicity of this technique allows it to bring more consistency to a brand as opposed to bolder logos.


If a company markets two or more brands pertaining to a certain category it is called multi-branding. This strategy can be seen most clearly at work in the automobile industry. For example, Chevrolet has a range of different cars, and each is itself an individual brand like Camaro or Spark. Despite belonging to the same parent company both cars serve a different target market. Spark is a more economical, eco-friendly option while Camaro is focused on style and performance.

With multi-branding, it is possible to achieve the leading position for your brand in the market. But it is also a move that is suitable for companies that already have a trusted and recognized reputation. The consumer will only be eager to try out their other brands if the main brand is familiar to them.


We are sure that knowing about these different types of strategies will help you choose what works for you. You can also receive further help in developing your brand identity from GoUp Dubai. We specialize in giving the best business advice to our clients. Our team caters to your requirements by providing outstanding designs to represent your mission and business values. We take your ideas and create brilliant visuals to mesmerize your target audience. Contact us now and elevate your business to new heights of success.

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