For most businesses having IT support is invaluable and when something goes wrong the fees generally pay for themselves. However, most small businesses can’t afford to hire a full in house team, and the ones that can sometimes it doesn’t make sense to do so.

Having an in-house team can be great but it can also be expensive, for this reason, most businesses will outsource this to managed IT services in Austin.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the benefits of hiring an IT support and service company.

1) Fees

We have briefly touched on the fees above, hiring an in-house team can cost a few thousand to hundreds of thousands a month depending on the size of your team and the expertise needed. A managed IT services provider on the other hand can be a lot cheaper. MSPs such as Firewall Technical offer the same service on a workstation by workstation pricing.

Paying by workstation rather than employees means that you can save money as some of your staff may share stations. It also means that there are no hidden costs per month which allow for better budgeting.

Better budgeting then allows you to reinvest that money into other areas of your business so you can continue to grow your business.

2) Available 24/7

A company will need certain hardware and software to run as a business and if any of this fails to work it can put a business at a standstill. An online eCommerce business for example needs to run 24/7 but what if it broke in the evening when all of your staff were at home. That could mean your website would be down for 12+ hours.

Depending on the size of your business, if your main way of selling, in this instance your website is down for 12+ hours it could mean thousands in lost revenue.

Outsourcing your IT services to an MSP on the other hand avoids this problem entirely as managed service providers work around the clock 24 hours a day.

3) Manage big data

Big data can help your business grow as it can be used within other areas of your business such as the marketing department. Most businesses though don’t have the capacity to store and filter through this data and that’s where an IT services company comes into play.

An IT services provider company like cmitsolutions can help you with storing the data, managing it, and removing any data that is no longer required when new regulations are adopted. Small businesses don’t have time to learn about the latest laws and regulations when it comes to storing customer data so having an outsourced team that can handle that can help.

4) Better Security

Some companies are competent with their IT security but others aren’t as that isn’t a field that they specialise in. This is understandable, a business that sells health and safety equipment for rented houses for example isn’t going to know how to secure their network in the office. This is where an IT support company can help.

An IT support company can look at an existing network and highlight any vulnerabilities. From there they can even implement the changes needed or in some instances overhaul the entire system so both the clients’ data and their customer’s data is kept safe.

IT support companies also have to keep up with all the latest changes in the industry and need to comply with the latest security advice too. To most small businesses this can be frustrating, worrying, and expensive, but hiring a company to help with all of the above can alleviate these concerns.

5) Wide range of expertise

Hiring an expert in networks, website technology, hardware, software, and telecoms it would cost businesses hundreds of thousands a year. This isn’t feasible to most businesses so either they hire an expert that is the most important to their business or they don’t hire anyone at all and try to plunder their way through the business.

The better option, in this case, is to hire an IT services company that has expertise in all of the above and much more. A typical managed IT service will have staff that are experts in network architecture, computer security, web security, hosting, server installation and maintenance and much more.

This wide range of expertise can help you when your business has technical problems without having to break the bank to do so. Managed service providers keep the costs down to you by outsourcing their services to multiple businesses.


Outsourcing your IT services to a managed service company is a great option if you don’t have the financial capacity to hire an in-house team. It’s also a great solution if you want to budget for your IT support around the year without having to worry about staff turnover.