The Google Play Store is home to millions of Android apps for users. There are a lot of great apps available on the Google Play Store as well. However, for one reason or another, some apps are not available for download directly on the Google Play Store. You can always get the APK versions of those apps through the internet.

In this article, we will talk about some of the best apps which are unavailable on the Google Play Store. These apps are some of the best apps that you must have in your Arsenal. To get these apps, however, you need to make sure that you have turned on the downloads from unknown sources.

#1 AC Market

The first app which is unavailable on the Google Play Store is the AC Market app which is a popular third-party app especially because of its easy interface and top quality features offered to the users. The users are tempted to download the AC Market because of the features.

The AC Market app does not need you to sign in or register. The app also gives you plenty of free games and apps. AC Market is kind of like an alternative for the Google Play Store with more apps, patched versions, free versions, etc. Since the app is unavailable on the Google Play Store, you need to install the APK version of the app through the internet. Once you have the app, you can enjoy the services of the app and have a better gaming experience.

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#2 Morpheus TV

Another top app which you will not find on the Google Play Store is the Morpheus TV app. Morpheus TV is an entertainment app for Android users which allows users to watch all kinds of content from countries all around the world. It is a free app with which the users are able to watch HD content. Morpheus TV is home to a wide range of TV shows, movies, and even shows which are currently ongoing. The app also provides subtitles of the content you are watching, therefore, you do not have to worry about finding the subtitles online.

#3 Viper4Android (Root-only)

Another app that is unavailable on the Google Play Store for unknown reasons is the Viper4Android app. This app is specifically designed for audio enthusiasts and for those people who look to boost the audio on their phone quickly and easily. With the help of Viper4Android, you can dig in and fine-tune your phone’s audio capabilities. With that, you can tinker with all the effects, equalizers, custom drivers, whatever you can download. It is a rather complicated app and is for those who know what they are doing.

#4 FireTube

FireTube is an alternative for YouTube and this app is everything we want YouTube to be. Over the years, the users have wanted YouTube to work even when the screen is switched off. With that, your data and battery both are saved. However, this feature is still unavailable on YouTube. FireTube, on the other hand, provides you the much-needed features. Through FireTube, you can listen to music even when your screen is turned off. It also allows you to listen to a video without the actual video playing. For that reason, it is unavailable on the Google Play Store, and therefore, you need to download the APK version of the FireTube app.

#5 MiXPlorer

Another app, which unfortunately is unavailable on the Google Play Store, is the MiXPlorer app. The MiXPlorer app is regarded as one of the best file managers available for Android. It also comes with various features which tempt Android users to get the app on the device. Through MiXPlorer, you get a dual-panel mode as well as tab support. It is extremely helpful when you are using a big screen because with that, you can open several folders at the same time in one frame.

Furthermore, you also get access to your cloud files with seventeen additional services. You are free to select whatever service you wish to. The services include all the popular services such as Onedrive, Dropbox, MEGA, Google Drive, and many others. It also has a user-friendly interface and the app is available for free.