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Even though the use of translation apps for Android became a part of a daily routine, there are still hot debates regarding what is the best or the most suitable solution for those who require high-quality translations.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s senior advisor, the content of existing offerings became better only because it has gained more popularity and people accepted it as a part of technology. It means that the more often a certain translation app is used, the greater are the statistical correctness in terms of associations with text, audio, and visual meanings. Now the best may be subjective, therefore, we shall review the top 10 translation apps offerings!

Top 10 Translator Apps for Android Platform

Now that we have learned about 5 best entertainment apps to try, it is time to discover the best translation apps. Regardless if you plan to travel or need business interpreting, you will enjoy it!

  1. iTranslate. A great user-friendly and very popular app among Android users. It supports hundreds of languages and various dialects. It also works as a dictionary and has a voice mode that helps you learn a foreign language.
  2. Papago Translator. It offers real-time text translation and also grabs text from pictures or textbooks. A great tool for college students or travelers who require a quick interpretation when one encounters an unknown product or has a task to translate an odd phrase in Latin for a medical assignment.
  3. Textgrabber. A great tool that goes beyond basic translation duties. It accepts QR codes, allows editing, searches through the maps, and online dictionaries. It also works offline, which allows editing text or any information even without being online.
  4. DictBox. A multilingual app that also works as a translator. It corrects your mistakes and points out similar words or phrases. Still, if you want to translate an official document or a product description, it is best to look through TranslationReport lists to choose a certified translation service. This way you will receive professional assistance.
  5. Air Translate Offline. Translate voice to text, add images that will be converted to text, or use advanced translation mechanisms to add more meaning to your words with an offline phrasebook. You can also listen to translations and implement it as a daily dictionary by using your voice or the phone’s camera. Its speech recognition algorithm is also one of the fastest for Android.
  6. Transifex. A rather complex platform for mobile translation purposes that offers maximum flexibility and comparison of both source and the outcome results in one window. According to TheWordPoint specialists, most localization tasks are very time-consuming, so this feature is a great advantage. Despite a hefty price tag, the fast workflow is worth it!
  7. Translate All. This small app can detect voice audio and choose the correct language, which is quite good when talking to more than one person. It supports over 100 different languages and allows searching for unknown words or phrases by listening to your or someone else’s voice.
  8. Free All Language Interpreter. It helps to learn new words and supports most languages out there. Although it will not take away most jobs for translators, it is a great solution that does not take up your phone’s memory. A one button translation is one of its best features!
  9. Lokalise. A professional app for translators who specialize in localization or adapting an application to foreign language requirements and culture. Read about how you can translate Android apps to foreign languages to get a better idea but let me tell you that Lokalise is a serious solution for translating web pages, video games, or any mobile software.
  10. Microsoft Translator. It is a case when something free offers unique features like real-time video translation. Add good speech recognition features, built-in dictionary, audio playback with offline storage – and you get a great solution for business meetings or any foreign trips.

Are There Any Translation Apps Drawbacks?

The major drawback of even commercial translation offerings for Android is speech recognition. It is sufficient to speak fast or represent a specific dialect and an app will confuse words or meanings.

Of course, things are not fatal and it will work when one speaks slowly and ensures that the translator app catches the meaning. It’s like Google Translate when it works and its drawbacks when it fails to translate a famous French metaphor. Get ready for some translation fun! Still, it makes it obvious that the current translation technology is moving forward, providing great linguistic assistance.


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