As companies switch to dedicated, unmetered, unlimited and various other kinds of managed/unmanaged server hosting, the need of the hour is to work out the costs that are involved. There are many aspects and dimensions that need to be considered when working out the cost of hosting. For instance, the upfront cost that constitutes capex, and the repeated cost in the form of opex need to be considered.  This should be calculated by various requirements, such as configuration, operating system, support, security, bandwidth, and processor.

Striking The Right Balance Between Capital Expenditure And Operating Expenditure

For most businesses, this will obviously be one of the key considerations. There is a need to ensure that the capital expenditure does not bring down the ROI. The return on investment needs to be good enough to justify the cost involved. Therefore it is necessary to get a quote from Servermania’s website and choose a system that does not drain all of your resources with very high capital expenditure. Similarly, a system that continuously eats into your margins with heavy operating expenses is certainly not a very good option. It is, therefore, necessary to choose a system that strikes the right balance between the upfront cost and the operating cost.

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Decide On The Most Appropriate Operating System

The operating system that you choose should turn out to be the most convenient and simple to use interface between all the applications and components on this server. This is a technical consideration, and it would always be a good idea to take inputs from all key stakeholders before you take a decision. This also depends on the ability of the hosting service provider to support you with the right kind of resources for the operating system that you choose. For instance, if you choose the Linux operating system and the service provider is unable to support you fully, then your choice may not be the best.

Data Backup And Round The Clock Support

Data is the new oil, and it is, therefore, necessary to ensure that all the data that resides on the server and in the application is absolutely safe. If data is a compromise not only will it affect your operations it can also invite action from regulatory bodies where you operate. Many nations have now enforced regulations as far as privacy and data protection is concerned.  Another important aspect is the need for round the clock support.

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This round the clock support should certainly be the same at all times of the day and night. Effectively this means that the support you receive during of working hours should be the same during working hours.

Make the right decision as far as the process that is concerned as the processor is basically the heart of the server. If your site is resource-rich, you need to make the right decision about bandwidth. The combination of the processor with the band and memory is what determines the speed with which the server supports the applications and processes. If the volume of transactions and operations are high, then you need to choose a powerful processor, good bandwidth, and adequate memory to support your operations.