What to expect in 2021 in the web design world? As per different studies, it will reach its peak in this decade!

Every year, the ever-changing web design trends promise to direct us into the fantastic future we dream of! These trends are directly related to technology.

With the emergence of innovative visual solutions, you no longer need to find a compromise, now they work together to improve the user experience.

So that creating a progressive and high-quality web design does not become a difficult task. Read on to find the designing trends of 2021.

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How to improve Web Design in 2021

Asymmetric layouts

Minimalistic elements

Vector graphics

Forms and Abstractions


Dark theme and muted palette


Split screen



How to Improve Web Design in 2021

Asymmetric Layouts

Asymmetry on the web means freedom of creativity, dynamics, bold decisions, and experiments. Thanks to the unusual grid, the site becomes more memorable and interesting, the content presentation is brighter and more emotional, and the page space can be used more profitably. If you are not sure if you can easily use the rule of thirds or diagonals, then we recommend that you pay attention to these templates – with the correct proportions and the verified arrangement of blocks and text.

Minimalistic Elements

The principle of “less – is more” than ever applicable to the design world. To keep loading times low, opt for a minimal design and choose a website builder that offers fast-loading web pages. You can complement the clean layout with unique details – hand-drawn type and patterns, short animations, or vibrant details.

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Vector Graphics

It will allow you to revive the site, add brightness, mood and simply decorate the main page or, for example, product cards. The library of graphic elements is growing day by day, so it’s safe to say that vector graphics will gain traction in 2021. We recommend using modern brands that target millennials or buzzers, and with caution to large companies with a wide target audience.

Forms and Abstractions

Abstract designs and free forms will be even more popular in 2021 because users are bored with clean lines and understandable motives. Forms can be used as a standalone design element or can be used as a supporting one, for example, to draw the attention of visitors to the key blocks of the page. Perfect photoshopped photographs are replaced by abstract illustrations – they can be futuristic, bright, drawn as if by hand, or resemble a second grader’s drawing – the choice of style depends only on the philosophy of the company and the message that needs to be conveyed to users.


Despite the fact that animations slow down website loading speed, brands continue to add them to website designs. Competently animated page elements, such as a header, logo, or even background, attract the attention of a visitor, who stays on the site longer and continues to study it, as well as its content.

Dark Theme and Muted Palette

It is not just social media that is shifting to the dark side – websites are also striving to do so. In addition to saving batteries, the “night” design is more useful for the eyes, better perceived in limited lighting conditions. In addition, graphic solutions sometimes look more advantageous and contrasting against a dark background, which gives more freedom of creativity and self-expression. Pastel colors are a trend that moves from year to year and remains in demand despite other current trends.


From 2011 until now, parallax scrolling has been used when you need to add drama to your website design. Such scrolling adds dynamism and depth to the site – elements can change the size, darken, dissolve and take on many other forms that depend only on the designer’s imagination.

Split Screen

Splitting the screen in half and making two different designs is an idea in some cases not only visually interesting but also life-saving. Twice as much content, double message, multiplication of meanings. This is a very engaging first screen with a lot to invest in. The main thing in this business is not to overdo it with the amount of data and understand that different styles and design elements must still be consistent with each other.


In an age of tolerance and acceptance of people with disabilities, it is impossible not to develop the inclusiveness of websites. In addition, for many categories of people, the Internet is the only way to feel normal and equal. Who, if not us, will make their life better?

Such features as transcripts, dubbing, subtitles, font enlargement are being introduced. The web designer has additional tasks and difficulties associated with adaptation, but the result is worth it – the resource is approved not only by people with disabilities but also arouses more trust and respect from ordinary visitors.

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It is not easy to create a modern and unique website design, but it is accessible to many. To do this, you need to remember about the user experience and follow the latest web designing trends.

Assistance from web designing companies could be a better option for those who are newbies and do not have any idea of the same. It is not necessary to use all the trends in the site design at once: it is better to choose the ones that will strengthen the image of your brand.

Do share your thoughts with us! If there is any doubt, comment below. Thanks for reading!

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