The Ultimate Guide to the Top React Native Chat Libraries

React is a well-liked JavaScript toolkit for creating user interfaces, and React Native is a famous JavaScript framework that enables developers to create mobile apps using React. Various libraries provide ready-to-use components and capabilities for creating chat functionality when constructing chat functionality in React Native apps.

The best React Native chat libraries will be covered in this Ultimate Guide to help you quickly integrate chat features into your mobile apps.

1. Gifted Chat

When it comes to chat libraries for React Native, Gifted Chat is one of the most popular options because of the flexibility it offers in terms of user interface design. Indicators for when a user is typing, when a message was sent, and user avatars are all features it provides.

Letters may be sent and received with ease thanks to Gifted Chat’s high-level API; the app also allows for message editing, status indication indicators (such as “sent,” “delivered,” and “read”), and message pagination.

The ability to personalize Gifted Chat is a significant perk. Developers may quickly adjust the chat UI to reflect the style of their application thanks to the many personalization options it gives for chat bubbles, the input toolbar, and other UI components. Gifted Chat’s ability to accommodate many users makes it ideal as a group chat service.

2. Firebase

Among the many features it offers is a real-time database, authentication, storage, and more; Google’s Firebase is a robust cloud-based toolkit. When developing a chat feature for a React Native project, Firebase may be utilized as the backend.

It allows instantaneous data synchronization, making it simple to maintain consistency of chat history across many devices and to get quick updates whenever new messages are added or current ones are modified. With Firebase’s built-in authentication and permission tools, programmers may quickly include user authentication into their messaging app.

Since it works with various authentication providers like Google, Facebook, and Twitter, linking up with users’ already social network profiles is simple. Chat material like photographs and videos may be stored by developers thanks to Firebase’s storage features.

3. React Native Gifted Chat

An improved and expanded version of the popular Gifted Chat library, React Native Gifted Chat was created as a fork. Messages, pictures, and your current location may all be shared through its flexible chat interface. Avatars, message timestamps, and a typing indication are some extras it can accommodate.

Messages may be sent and received with little effort because of the high-level API provided by React Native Gifted Chat, which also allows for displaying message status indications, adding editable message sections, and more.

React Native’s Gifted Chat allows users to customize their input with various valuable add-ons. Developers may readily customize the chat input toolbar because of the system’s plugin architecture, which allows for adding buttons, text inputs, and selectors, among other things.

This facilitates incorporating user-defined features into the chat input toolbar, such as quickly and easily transferring photos, movies, and other material.

4. Stream Chat

To facilitate the development of chat capabilities in React Native apps, Stream Chat offers a robust API and SDK. It’s a great chat app since it syncs messages in real-time, records conversations, shows who is online and who is typing, and more.

As well as text-based communications, Stream Chat allows for rich material such as photographs, videos, and files and includes functionalities like message responses, threads, and mentions.

Stream Chat also gives developers the tools to police the conversation and its members. It can filter profanity, ban users, and moderate messages. Moreover, Stream Chat’s user management features include authentication, user roles, and permissions.

Furthermore, Stream Chat features native push notifications support, making it simple to alert users about new messages even while the program is in the background.

5. CometChat

The CometChat API and SDK is a flexible chat API and SDK that offers various capabilities for implementing Chat in React Native apps. You may use it to send and receive texts, photos, videos, and audio messages and even share your location.

Type indications, read receipts, message responses, threads, and mentions are some of the additional features offered by CometChat.

CometChat stands apart from the crowd because of its built-in voice and video calling capabilities. It offers application programming interfaces (APIs) for immediately incorporating audio and video calling functions into the chat UI, letting users easily transition between chatting and making calls.

In addition to one-on-one conversations, CometChat allows for group conversations with features like user presence, typing indications, and a conversation archive.

6. Gifted Messenger

Designed for use with the React Native framework, Gifted Messenger is a lightweight and straightforward chat library that allows users to exchange text, photos, and location in a clean and uncluttered user interface.

It will include features like message timestamps, user avatars, and typing indications. You may easily send and receive messages with the help of Gifted Messenger’s high-level API, which also allows for message editing and pagination.

Gifted Messenger’s user-friendliness and straightforward interface are two of its most appealing features. It’s ideal for apps that only need an essential chat feature because of its streamlined interface and low resource requirements.

Gifted Messenger also includes a library of skinnable UI components that make it simple for programmers to adapt the chat interface to their app’s aesthetic.

7. React Native Chatkit

A robust chat framework for React Native, Chatkit offers a collection of user interface (UI) components and an API for integrating Chat into mobile apps.

It allows users to send and receive text messages, pictures, videos, and even their current position. Indicators for when a user is typing, message timestamps, and user avatars are just some of the functionality offered by React Native Chatkit.

Support for user presence and online/offline indications is a standout feature of React Native Chatkit. With its real-time presence updates, users can quickly tell whether and when their friends are online.

The chat Interface may be readily modified by developers thanks to the collection of customizable UI components provided by React Native Chatkit.

8. Socket.IO

The chat capability in React Native apps may be implemented with the help of Socket.IO, a popular real-time communication tool. It allows the server and the client to communicate in real time so that the client may get instant notifications of new messages, typing indications, and other chat-related events as they occur on the server.

Socket.IO allows users to send and receive text messages, pictures, videos, and even their current position. Socket.IO also offers a library of application programming interfaces (APIs) for managing user authentication and authorization, making it simple for programmers to implement robust, secure user authentication into their messaging service.

In addition, it allows for message editing, status indications, and a message archive. Adding Chat to your React Native app is a breeze with Socket.IO because it is adaptable and scalable.


Incorporating Chat into your React Native project is a breeze with the help of chat libraries that provide you with pre-built components and capabilities. Various functionality and customization choices are available in the libraries discussed in this Ultimate Guide. They include Gifted Chat, Firebase, React Native Gifted Chat, Stream Chat, CometChat, Gifted Messenger, React Native Chatkit, and Socket. IO.

Your choice of a chat library for your React Native app should be based on several criteria, including but not limited to the functionality you need, the library’s simplicity of use, the customization possibilities it offers, its scalability, and its documentation.

It is essential to maintain a lively and helpful community for troubleshooting and updates; therefore, think about the chat library’s support and updates, too.