The Rise of Mobile Gaming


Portability has always been a big part of the gaming industry’s plan to take things in a new direction. From the early days of Nintendo’s Gameboy to PlayStation’s attempts with the Vita, consoles have been attempting to give players the best of both worlds – gaming on the go.

Surprisingly, the best platform for this came from somewhere unexpected – mobile. With smartphones becoming more and more powerful with every new release, the gaming possibilities on them have improved immensely. This has made way for what was the inevitable rise of mobile gaming, and here’s how.

Real Money Games

Real money games have played a big part in the rise of mobile gaming. The online gambling industry is huge, and with a mass selection of games such as the beloved Omaha Poker game or the classic Roulette wheel available around the clock in online casinos, all that was missing was even easier access to them.

With mobile, players got exactly that. Online casinos optimizing their websites for mobile play and developing dedicated mobile apps drove a whole new horde of people to the mobile gaming platform. Now, they can enjoy top-notch entertainment anytime, anywhere.

Hardware and Software

We mentioned at the beginning that a big part of why mobile gaming became so popular is due to the improvement of mobile tech. Mobile gaming received a lot of negative feedback in its early days.

Sure, you could play on the go, but the games supported on the platform looked like what we had seen on consoles decades ago. Thanks to the rapid advancements in mobile hardware and software though, mobile games now have a knack of looking even better than we see on other platforms. The quality of mobile has improved immensely, and we don’t doubt there’s even more room for growth.

A Matter of Convenience

Gaming on mobile has one huge advantage over most other forms of gaming, it’s a whole lot cheaper and much more convenient. A smartphone today is practically a necessity, which isn’t exactly the case with consoles.

Since nearly everyone owns a smartphone, jumping into a new adventure is a simple matter of clicking a button and downloading a game. Why make an additional effort to get something when you already have a perfectly suitable alternative in your pocket? This ease of access is an incentive for even the most uninterested people to get into gaming.

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