Taskworld Review: Now Team Task Management is Very Easy


Last updated on March 20th, 2021 at 11:18 pm

Team Task Management is not an easy thing especially in the case of the big team having 1000s of members and synchronized work with proper communication is a key for effective working for a team. And Taskworld can help you in achieving this. Taskworld is an interactive task management platform that provides a shared visual workspace to a group’s members to work together.

With it, users can create tasks for the team and can manage all the tasks effectively with the help of plenty of features like chatting, file management, progress bar, etc. We will discuss each of the features in details later in the post. If we talk about the availability of the Taskworld, it is available for PC (in the form of the website), and it is available for mobile platforms (Android and iOS) as well.

Features of Taskworld

Now it is time to highlight some of its key features in detail so that our readers can get more idea about it.

1) Effective Task Management: As discussed earlier in the post through Taskworld users can create a common workspace for their team and can assign (and create) different tasks. In addition to this Taskworld provides the following features for effective task management.

workspaceadding group

  1. Tasks lists support to channelize the teamwork.
  2. The big task can be divided into some checklist items and can be assigned separately.
  3. Tags and Label support which results in the effective sorting of tasks created.
  4. File-sharing can also be done through Taskworld, and it also supports drag and drop.
  5. There are other features like Task points, Seen By, etc. which also helps in the smooth working of a team of common tasks.

2) Effective Project Planning: Taskworld makes its users to works together for the completion of common goals, or we can say projects. The project here may be defined as a group of tasks. And the following tools help in smooth working on projects.

new project

  1. Users can create a project group by grouping same type of projects.
  2. Project templates are also provided for the smooth workflow.
  3. Privacy settings with each project can be done.
  4. Other features like Calendar integration, Timeline, etc. are also there.

3) Team Communication: Effective communication between team members can lead to efficient working and can achieve a high quality of results and Taskworld comes with following effective communication features.

communication features

  1. Direct messaging among the team members can be done with Taskworld.
  2. Task comments can also be used.
  3. Email notification can be sent to team members just by using the @ prefix before the name of a team member.
  4. Taskworld integrates with your email box to ensure that you can send and read emails through it only.

4) Effective Analysis of your work: Interactive dashboard of Taskworld shows real-time activities, and the Taskworld like also provides some efficient analytical tools:

analytics tool

  1. Tasks list overview.
  2. Burndown charts.
  3. Burnup charts.
  4. Progress Bar.

5) Other Tools: Some other tools are also there like:

  1. Language settings: Taskworld supports multiple languages.
  2. File Management.
  3. Admin rights settings.
  4. People Page.

My Final Thoughts

Before wrapping up the post here let us highlight some pros and cons which we noticed while using it.


1) Taskworld is a genuine and secure service that is widely used by some big companies like Amazon, Kodak, etc. all over the world.

2) Taskworld works smoothly on its website and app (we have tested its Android app version) and also there is a dedicated app for iOS users too.

3) It contains various tools that result in effective Task Management, Project Planning, etc.

4) Unlike other services of the same type, Taskworld focuses on the performance of the team, and that’s why it provides effective analysis tools.


The only con which we noticed is that there is no desktop application (Windows 10) for Taskworld which is not good. An application should be there through users who can easily access their Taskworld account quickly without doing many things.

At last, we would like to recommend Taskworld to our readers, as you all can see it’s having a huge list of pros as compared to cons. Guys just go for its trial version and find out why it is featured in TechCrunch and Huffington Posts.

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