Swype Keyboard is Discontinued! Here are the Top 3 Alternatives


Last updated on December 26th, 2019 at 08:06 am

Swype Keyboard (Android & iOS), the app which revolutionized the way of typing on virtual keyboards with a swipe has recently stated that the app is no longer in development. Nuance, the parent company behind Swype said in a statement that they are shutting down the app and use its resources for developing its AI-based products.


It is sure to make loyal users who have been using the app for many years disgruntled as they have to lose all their personalization. And also finding another reliable keyboard app on the market is like finding the best needle in the haystack. But worry not, from those millions of apps in the Play Store and App Store we have found you the best alternative keyboards so you don’t have to.

Here are the top 3 alternatives to Swype Keyboard:

1. G-Board (Android & iOS)


After getting rebranded as G-Board from Google Keyboard we have to admit that this keyboard is an all-rounder.

It has everything integrated into it including Google search, Maps, Translate, GIF and Emoji search all within the same keyboard layout that can be accessed with a touch of the finger, and without the need to switch the app. The app also features Glide typing which is similar to Swype. The keyboard keeps learning from your typing habits and gets faster and more accurate with time. Gestures facilitate the user by moving the cursor around and deleting entire words just with a swipe.

G-Board also provides us enough options to customize the app to our needs. The placing of number keys, symbols and size can be altered to fit our purposes. The theme store offers many different themes, including the option to customize your own theme with the pictures from your phone.

2. Swiftkey(Android & iOS)

With more than 100 Million downloads, Swiftkey is one of the best third-party keyboard apps in the market. Swiftkey boasts about its features like autocorrect, word prediction and learning from the user’s personal social media accounts.

The multilingual keyboard helps users across the world type in the languages they prefer. The keyboard also allows the user to switch between languages mid sentences with just a swipe. Swiftkey flow provides the user with a faster way to type using a swipe.

The keyboard also keeps itself updated regularly by syncing with the cloud so the user can get same personalization even if the device is changed.

The app has got numerous options for customization including key layouts, size, and themes. The app also has an undocking feature which lets the user detach the keyboard and move it around the screen so as to serve our purpose.

3. Fleksy (Android & iOS)

Fleksy brings all the fun to typing with the help of its built-in GIF search and Emoji supports. It also holds the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Keyboard.

If your aim is not only to type faster and simpler but also to have fun while doing it, then Fleksy is the way to go.
Fleksy also supports autocorrect in more than 45 languages and gives accurate predictions by learning the user’s typing, tapping and gesture habits. The gesture system makes the task of deleting words, moving the cursor or inserting spaces too easy with just a swipe.

Similar to G-Board, Fleksy facilitates the use of third-party apps also known as ‘fleksyapps’ to access content and data while using the keyboard with a single tap and preventing the need to switch apps.
With the help of powerful extensions the keyboard can be customized, resized and do whatever is needed to make you feel right at home.

Other features include the ability to personalize the keyboard by letting it learn from previous email and social media interactions. Like another feather in its cap, Fleksy boasts about being the only private keyboard on the planet, which means that the data of everything you type and do stays on your device.

There are literally thousands of keyboard apps out there in the market which can serve their purposes. But, these are the 3 apps we found which would give the user can better all-around experience after taking into consideration factors like accessibility, speed and ability to customize.

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