Still Confused, Which Phone to buy?

Numerous new phones are launched every year with remarkable specs but still, it becomes difficult to choose according to your price range and needs. Sometimes the phone under your range lacks the desired features, and occasionally when more than one handset comes in your budget and has similar specs, you get confused! To solve this problem, you need to ask yourself some important questions before buying a perfect smartphone

9 Questions Before Buying a New Mobile!

  • What is the main purpose of buying a new smartphone?
  • What problem are you facing with your previous handset?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you need a smartphone with a high refresh rate?
  • Are you looking for a high-resolution camera for your daily photographs?
  • Are you searching for a gaming phone?
  • Which type of layout and size do you prefer?
  • From where you can get authentic phones at cheap rates?

Look at the specifications and decide!

Each smartphone comes with different specifications and you need to make a comparison between the top two suitable choices for the final decision. For instance, if you like the specs and design but it is too expensive that you cannot afford for the time being then you should look for a handset with similar specs and layout under your budget. Xiaomi is famous for fulfilling customers’ demands yet taking care of their pockets. It has launched the Redmi Cheapest Mobile phone which is Redmi A1+. You can buy it at the most affordable rate from your trusted official Xiaomi website

Best Budget Phone

Redmi A1+

Redmi A1+ is the best budget mobile phone. It has all your desired features under 20,000pkr only. It comprises an 8MP dual camera and a 5MP front camera which allows you to capture beautiful moments effortlessly. It has a huge 5000mAh battery and 10 W fast charging. Say Goodbye to low-battery anxiety with Redmi A1+. Moreover, it suits every style statement because of its trendy design. It also offers up to 1Tb expandable storage so you can store all the videos, music, and valuable data.

Do you want your smartphone to click pictures professionally?

Galaxy A32

If you are in search of the best camera phone then buy Samsung A32 as it has a 64MP Quad Camera with a 20MP front Camera. It takes the quality of your routine pictures to the next level! Another plus point is that its starting price is 51000 approx which is not a big deal. It has enough built-in storage to provide room for your important data and it comes with a fingerprint sensor to secure your data through Samsung A32. You can buy it from your nearest stores or online at

Now Play Faster and better!

Are you passionate about playing games? Then go for the Infinix note 12 G96 because it has an Helio G96 Ultra Gaming Processor with a wide AMOLED display to give you an immense gaming experience! Become a gaming pro with its massive 5000mAh battery and 33W flash charge which enables you to play the whole day without disturbance. These exceptional features are all under 50,000 and the good news is that Mymart. pk is offering a bargain option so what else do you need?

Inspired by the hype created about iPhone?

iPhone X Non PTA

You can buy iPhone X (non-PTA) within a price range of 50,000 pkr in Pakistan. It has a dual 12 MP camera and a 7MP front camera. Apple undoubtedly has exceptional features and it has gained customers’ trust over many years but from the perspective of several users, it is overrated! The price is so high that your budget does not allow you to buy your favorite iPhone series. If you are inspired by its features but cannot afford it then look for a substitute that can provide you with the same fascinating features and layout. Redmi note 11 has remarkable specs which can surely replace the iPhone! It is an all-rounder Smartphone and comparatively reasonable according to its characteristics. It has a high refresh rate of 90Hz and it comes in 3 vibrant colors that give you a classy style statement!

Stop worrying about the completion of Tasks!

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With the powerful battery of Redmi note 11, you can complete your daily chores within the time limit! Its 6nm Snapdragon® 680 processor is not only fast but also works through an energy efficient process. You can charge your phone within an hour with Redmi Note 11’s 33 W pro fast charging. With its Seamless touchscreen and display, you can enjoy scrolling through your social media feeds without tiring your eyes. The 50MP Quad Camera will enable you to capture amazing pictures which you can post on your Instagram and Facebook without editing! If you love to play games then this phone provides you with an immersive gaming experience through its wide display, color calibration, and fast processor. Redmi note 11 is available at and they promise to sell phones at challenging rates when compared to the market!

Make a fair Comparison!

Always when you are unable to decide which phone to buy, you should list down the desired specs in front of you and then compare on the basis of the price range. A mindful selection includes a handset that has all the characteristics which you want and is low on your pocket! Check out the above-mentioned smartphones under 50k and if you are looking for authentic online stores then do visit and! They are providing amazing discounts and a 1-year warranty with all smartphones. You can also enjoy their fast delivery service.