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Growing an Instagram page became easier than ever now – you can just buy your followers, likes, pretty much anything that you want. However, there is still nothing better than the good old organic approach, especially when it comes down to using such a page for your company’s needs.

Why? It is all about sales. Organically acquired followers will bring activity to your page and drive up our sales while pre-paid bots are only good for creating the image of one’s ‘success’ without adding any real value.

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So if you now are wondering about how to organically grow your Instagram page, we have prepared a list of steps.

Tip #1: Optimize Your Name

Renaming your account can help you a lot with your SEO purposes. Instead of just putting your name out there, mention what is it that you do. Imagine that you are a business coach. This way, when a person types in ‘business coach’ on Instagram, your name will most likely pop out as well.

Tip #2: Create a Catching Caption

While appealing picture plays a big role in attracting people to your page, your caption is what might make them want to have an actual conversation with you. Try to avoid writing meaningless citations or emojis, or even the lyrics to your favorite song.

While all these options sound like fun, they will not be able to ensure you that level of engagement that you want to achieve. Treat it as a relationship – people get attracted by looks, however, it is the personality that makes them want to stay in the end.

Tip #3: Mix the Size of Your Hashtags

Hashtags play an important role in your account’s promotion. Hashtags allow people to find you and increase your reach. The biggest problem that you can encounter these days is that people mostly use very generic hashtags, such as #fashion, #business, etc.

The problem with these hashtags is that you most likely are going to disappear from the hashtag explore page within 5 seconds due to the overwhelming amount of posts using it. Do research on hashtags within your niche and group them into categories:

  • Very small = under <50k;
  • Small = under <100k;
  • Medium = under <500k;
  • Large = over >500k.

The key here is to make sure that you have hashtags from each category, however, your main focus should lay on the first three groups. Usually, those are the more ‘niche’ ones and are followed by people, who are loyal to them.

Tip #4: Rotate Your Hashtags

Using the same bunch of hashtags over and over again is a big ‘no-no’ if you want your Instagram to prosper. In fact, if you will keep using the same hashtags, Instagram might think you are spam and that will eventually increase your chances of not being shown on everyone’s feed, and your account activity will significantly decrease.

There are ‘legends’ out there about such thing as shadow ban. This is a type of situation when your posts are not appearing in the search results of the hashtag that you used. Some believe that there is no such thing, however, being it a myth or not, you probably do not want to jeopardize your account. This is why using different ones every single time will not saturate your reach.

Tip #5: Engage With Other Accounts

Engagement is crucial for growing your Instagram account. Learning how to properly interact with other accounts might be of big help in expanding your reach and attracting new people to your page.

The first rule at this point is to always engage with other accounts within your niche right before and after you post something. The key moment here is to engage with only that kind of content that is relevant to you. “It is always a great idea to check out your recommendations or relevant hashtags to discover some new accounts that might be of interest to you in the future”, says Ben Grant, a writer from Linksmanagement.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you should reply to all your comments straight away, as well as comment on other people’s posts within the first 15 minutes that they have been published. Also, try to tag people into conversations whenever it seems appropriate.

Tip #6: Timing Matters

Not everyone is aware that the time that you post on Instagram also matters. According to the research, the best time for publication may vary for each particular time zone and location so you will have to figure that out on your own. For this matter were developed various tools that are supposed to make things easier, will help you figure out what time works best for you as well as assist you with scheduling your posts.

Also, creating a content plan for your account is probably something you should do in order to ensure its growth. Try not only to think of the possible topics for publication but also the color theme of each publication so that they look visually harmonized.

Tip #7: Pay Attention to Your Pictures

Instagram needs your content to be ‘pretty’. Making an appealing picture will make people stop by your account and engaging caption will do the rest. People tend to like pictures with other people more, so make sure you post those every once in a while. It should not necessarily be you, post a picture of people you work with or thankful clients.

Sharing this type of picture will help your audience connect with your brand even more and in some way will humanize your business.

Last but Not Least

Organic growth of your Instagram account is not such an easy thing as some people might think. However, if you do follow these tips – the results will be seen straight away. You might not see a rapid growth straight away, but be sure that the audience you will get with this strategy will be more engaging and profitable in the long run, ensuring the possibility of future sales and steady growth.

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