Signing a Distribution Agreement in New Zealand


A distribution agreement is the basis of this kind of business, so it is very important to have a proper distribution agreement template for successful activities.

A distribution agreement of this kind is drawn up between a company that manufactures goods and an entrepreneur or a distribution organization. Only when such an agreement has been executed, the distributor becomes the official representative of the manufacturing company in the market and the seller of its goods. The distributor should also have a trademark certificate, copies of certificates, licenses, and other documents, which confirm the distributor’s authority relating to the sale of these products.

Features of distribution agreements in New Zealand

The economy of this relatively small country is one of the most globalized in the world. It enjoys close trade cooperation with Australia, Europe, the United States, China, and South Korea. Particular attention is paid to foreign trade. Agricultural products, seafood, and much more types of goods are exported. It is recommended to buy products only from authorized distributors of companies operating in New Zealand. Thus you can be completely confident in the quality of the items you purchase.

When drawing up the deed with the help of a distribution contract sample, special attention should be paid to the following issues:

  1. Sales exclusivity – a distributor cannot sell or promote products that are produced by potential competitors, and a manufacturer cannot appoint other distributors within a given territory.
  2. Geographical restrictions – the distributor cannot distribute goods outside the region specified for sale.
  3. Sales volumes and terms – the cost of products is most often set by the manufacturer.

The distributor retains the obligation to create a distribution network for the products. The contract should stipulate the terms and conditions applicable to the use of the brand trademark, as well as the terms of delivery and sale of the products. This contract can be automatically renewed when its term expires

The benefits of electronic document management

Electronic document management has long been part of the office routine in many companies regardless of their industry. Because of modern digital technologies, it is not only very convenient but also safe to use such documents. It is the development of software for such documentation that PandaDoc is engaged in. The company was founded in 2013 and today has already rightfully established itself as a market leader in this field.

Any documents that are executed electronically, including distribution agreements, have the same validity and legal force as their paper equivalents.

In addition, the use of such documents has many advantages, including the following:

  1. Automatic registration of documents in the system; if a file is deleted, it can be restored without any problems.
  2. Document processing and sending procedures are considerably accelerated. You can work with the document at any place, it is available to any number of users.
  3. It is necessary to sign such documents with a digital signature, and this can be done at any time and in any location.
  4. All the activities with the document can be easily traced if it is necessary. The validity of the document is automatically regulated to avoid violations.
  5. There is no need to print out documents, and this results in significant savings of both time and money.

Electronic documents are stored on a special server and are protected during sending by special encryption in order to maintain confidentiality.

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