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Photo by NASA on Unsplash

There are arguments about the existence or the absence of GOD in the universe. According to research, almost 7% of people worldwide do not believe in the presence of God. Such people are known as atheists or agnostics. But the remaining humanity believes that a God does exist.

Now the number of God is negotiable for each religion. But the truth lies that some existence regulates this universe and everything in it. Everyone has their own beliefs, but luckily the presence of God is as real as it gets.

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This article will brief you on rational logic pointing toward one God’s presence:

Diversity of Universe

Besides our milky way, we all know about several million or even more galaxies. No power on Earth can splash billions of colors and blazing stars throughout space. It is a solid indication that there is a majestic power out there worthy of holding the title of God.

The presence of one or more Gods is controversial based on the plethora of religions. If there were more than one power, the stability and peace in the universe would not have been like what it is for several million centuries. But many scientists are still researching nonstop to claim the most plausible theory.

Complexity of Earth

Earth is highly complex, and for thousands of years, humanity has been unable to study its depths until today. Why do you think there is no sign of life on other planets or moons in our solar system? That’s because the living conditions on Earth are the most suitable.

Whether you consider the atmosphere, water, air, food, life, or anything, it points to the blessing of God. The right temperature for human life is not present on another planet. The ozone layer does not envelop any globe other than Earth.

Our planet is 75% water; no life can exist without water. So why does only Earth has sufficient water for the survival of humankind? When you get deep in such thoughts and spend hours deciphering the mystery behind them, it is not hard to put faith in the existence of God.

Intricacy of Human

Look at yourself! Several organ systems exist in your single body, with millions of chemical reactions co-occurring. The intricate network of blood vessels and neurons are enough to make scientists pull their hair out.

Throughout human beings, we couldn’t even dispel the secret and science behind the presence of such complicated networks that differ in each person. And let’s not forget the human brain, which is better than any technology humans have invented.

The wonders of a simple human body can go on and on endlessly if we start to point out every detail. Who made us like this? You can answer the question yourself now.


There are continuous ups and downs in life. Sometimes in the form of a calamity or other times in the form of metamorphosis. God is creating endless opportunities for you to turn toward Him. There is a beautiful belief that states God created living beings and loves them infinite times more than a mother loves her child.

You only need to observe, indeed observe your surroundings and nature, to see the existence of God. Everything reflects it with its very being; you only need to focus.


Many people who were once atheists now put their faith in God. Everything points towards the presence of the mighty Lord. Let me give you an example; When you look at the list of casinos that accept Interac as a payment method, you go through several sites to select the most suitable one. Similarly, observe the life around you, whether dead or alive, and then conclude.