SAP Analytics Cloud: Everything You Need To Know


Decision-making has evolved to a great extent in the modern world. When businesses intend to ask, analyze, discover, predict, plan, or act, data drives successful and impactful decisions.

When we talk about data and decision-making, everything is glued together through SAP. It allows customers to make the most of their data, from managing it to using it for informed business decisions.

And all of this is made possible with SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP Analytics Cloud: Everything You Need To Know

What is SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP Analytics Cloud is a part of the SAP business technology suite that brings all data elements together to make planning a seamless experience. SAP Analytics Cloud helps key stakeholders enhance decision-making by offering analytical capabilities in a single place.

They can make wise decisions quickly with crucial business insights at their disposal. They no longer have to rely on standalone spreadsheets or stitch together different BI planning and augmented analytics.

Why is SAP Analytics Important for BI?

SAP analytics, especially for business intelligence, integrates all data sources in a single solution that allows you to discover, visualize, and create a blueprint for your success. You can turn insights into action by uncovering the data behind the business.

Irrespective of the level of detail, you can get automatic insight from a single data point by using augmented analytics features powered by critical intelligence and machine learning.

What Can You Do With the SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP Analytics Cloud offers one of the most trusted insights besides integrated planning that undoubtedly helps you make faster decisions. With integrated planning and analysis, it can turn your decision-making agile, quickly moving you from the insights phase to the action phase.

It allows you to use complete context from SAP data and bring analytics closer to the decision point. Moreover, you can accelerate the deployment with pre-packaged practices for the function or industry.

What Can You Do With the SAP Analytics Cloud

Capabilities And Functionalities of SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud features all the capabilities you need to run a successful business. Some of the capabilities that it offers are as follows:

  • Provides a seamless end-to-end experience that simplifies the challenging workflow by having one solution that allows the business to transition from insights planning to action completely
  • It is big data ready to make it easy for businesses to scale
  • It has algorithms attached to the guided information and influence besides pattern detection
  • ML algorithms are used to make the most of the historical information to predict without a data scientist.

Business Benefits of Adopting SAP

If you are using next-generation applications, you can work well with the SAP cloud platform. It allows you to extend existing applications and build new ones on the cloud. The SAP cloud platform is a known memory platform specially designed for highly data-driven social, mobile, and network users.

The Primary benefits of adopting SAP are as follows:

Loaded with Features

The platform has fantastic features that allow you to build and manage cloud-based enterprise applications with the existing SAP solutions.

Expand the Value of the Existing Applications

SAP cloud platform offers improved creativity and collaboration via cloud connectivity if you have existing enterprise solutions on the cloud. This way, you can streamline the integration of the new applications with the assurance of the least possible cost.

Quick Time to Value

The SAP cloud platform allows you to build and deploy consumer and business applications quickly, ensuring great functionality that aligns with your business needs. It also allows you to connect with the customers through engaging experiences simultaneously.

Enhances the Productivity of the Developers

SAP supports open programming standards so developers can seamlessly build enterprise applications to integrate the SAP or non-SAP solutions without learning new codes.

Increases the ROI While Decreasing Costs

SAP cloud platform does not require any upfront investment in software or hardware for partners or customers, leading to a budget-friendly service with minimum risk. Once applied, SAP will manage all the platform operations to reduce the deploying and developing cloud application costs.

Latest Updates And Features

Some of the fantastic updates you need to know about are mentioned here

  • Self-Service Upgrades

You can now initiate updates all by yourself for the SAP Hana cloud. This way, upgrades can be executed while you choose it. The feature also offers fantastic benefits. Firstly, self-service maintenance provides you with optimum service availability, and the enhancement allows you to maintain your business continuity by providing the upgrade at the right time that will fit the business schedule well. You don’t even have to go through any waiting time because no service requests are likely to be created.

  • Customer Auditing

The innovation allows you to audit the SAP cloud data lake. Once enabled, auditing will keep a tab on all the security-relevant activities performed on the data lake relational engine database. It would be best if you created the diagnostic service key to configure this auditing and create user trace events. You can create a trace session and start it afterward, and your audit files will be retained for one month.


Cloud-based solutions help consumers to understand the information in context to make quick decisions. Integrating enterprise planning business intelligence and augmented analytics in one single platform allows a seamless experience from reporting to simulation to enterprise planning and, of course, increased machine learning.

SAP is following the cloud-first strategy. It has a hybrid option to allow the customers to make the most of their existing premises with the blend of SAP analytics cloud as the front-end interface that provides a single platform and software to summarize information in different views featuring one entry point.

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