Salesforce Admin Certification is aimed to prove that you are qualified to provide your employer with the latest cutting-edge CRM solutions Salesforce has to offer. That is why Certified Salesforce Admins are so sought-after today and get significantly higher salaries from the very beginning.

However, approaching any kind of exam can be pretty stressful. Especially if you don`t know what to expect and how to prepare for the test.

In this article, we shall dissect the structure of the Salesforce Admin Certification exam and help you understand what you need to approach the certification procedure and ass the test from the first try.

What does the Salesforce Admin Certification Exam include?

To approach the Salesforce Certification test you need to have certain knowledge and hands-on experience with Salesforce. That is why only those who have been working as Salesforce Admins for at least 6 months are allowed to apply for the Certification.

The exam will include such crucial matters as Salesforce platform features, functions, configurations, and management options available to the Administrator for cloud-based Sales, service, and collaboration solutions. The questions will include user setup, organization setup, workflows and mobiles, standard and custom objects, sales and marketing applications, security and access, etc.

There are two steps to Salesforce Admin Certification:

  • Salesforce Administrator
  • Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator.

The Salesforce Certification procedure is built the way that you can gain and prove your qualifications gradually and pass from one Salesforce role to another expanding your knowledge and employment opportunities.

How can you take Salesforce Admin Certification exam?

Today there are 2 options to take your Salesforce Admin Certification exam:

  • On-site testing – you can take the Certification exam the old-school way in one of the officially approved Salesforce Certification Centers. You can find the map and addresses of official Certification testing facilities on the Salesforce website. This kind of testing has its benefits – there are no distractions and you take your exam in a habitual atmosphere just like you did back at school or university. However, for some people it is a pretty stressful environment and therefore they look for other alternatives:
  • Online testing. If there are no testing facilities in your area or you find offline testing stressful and uncomfortable, you can do the Salesforce Admin Certification exam online. In this case, you will have to install special tracking software on your computer and an active webcam that will cover your whole working desk to avoid cheating.

How to prepare for the Salesforce Certification exam.

There are many available sources of information and ways to prepare for the Certification test. If you have some extra time on your hands, you can explore the latest updates and Salesforce lectures yourself. Many are available on free platforms like YouTube and LinkedIn.

It is always a good idea to seek mentorship and assistance from certified Salesforce Admins who have recently taken the test and have sufficient experience with the procedure.

However, the best way is to address a reputable Salesforce training online which has experienced faculty with project knowledge sharing. That way you get access to a perfectly structured training plan with the most relevant Q&A checklists and an opportunity to talk directly with the faculty, take practice exams and follow your progress focusing on the most important matters for you.

Contact reputed institute right now and learn more about their Salesforce Admin Certification program, flexible schedule, and payment policies and make the first step towards becoming a fully certified Salesforce Admin and put real efforts regularly on Salesforce interview questions helpful to face interview with confidence.