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There can be any instance; say, you’re traveling from one place to another and you got bored with social media. Now, what else can you do? Switch to a good book and read. But what if the book gets boring after a while? In that case, Friend, games can save you. You can download several games from the play store and try it. Now the question is which one to choose!

There are already so many options available to everything in this world. There are so many games available in the play store that the player often gets confused on which one to play. Well, today I’m here to suggest you the best game that will not only help you pass your time but also will make it worth playing.

Rolling Sky is a game designed simply to end your boredom and calm your mind. Unlike the very popular games in the market, Rolling Ball does no shooting sounds or sounds similar to racing games. What the game deals with is you have to be the boss of the ball and make sure it is rolling in the right path ignoring all the obstacles on the path. The game allows the ball to roll smoothly along the path syncing with famous Alan Walker tunes and your speed will increase with every barrier you cross.

By justifying its name, this game takes you to the sky where if you miss, you fall immediately and the games over.

About The Game

Rolling Sky Mod Apk is an arcade game where your goal is to survive till the end of per level controlling the ball which can only move in the left to right motion. The thrill lies in the obstacles. On controlling the ball, you might see obstacles in different shapes and sizes either on the left or on the right side. For such cases, you have to move the move with your fingers in the other direction where the obstacles are residing.

Controls Of The Game

Very simple! Just press your finger anywhere on the screen and move them in the direction you want to move the ball avoiding all obstacles.

Levels Of The Game

There are infinite numbers of levels in this game; one varies from another. Like in the first level, you will see few obstacles while on the third and fourth level, you’ll see many obstacles each one being harder than the other, also, the color changes with each changing level.

Features Of The Game

There are many features that make the Rolling Sky Mod Apkdifferent from other games. The features are as follows:

  1. Best Quality Graphics: The Rolling Sky Mod Apk is designed in a very simple way and with high-quality graphics. The game comes in a display like graphics quality. It makes it very easy for the user to glide their finger along the path to move the ball. Using your speed and concentration equally and correctly, you can win this game.
  2. Availability Of 3D Gameplay: The Rolling Sky Mod Apk provides the players with an immense feeling of playing the game in 3D graphics. This way you will never get bored of playing the game and it will never become monotonous to you, no matter how far you’ve played the game. The gameplay itself plays a major role in keeping you hooked up.
  3. Timing: If you even consider all the bad popular games in the market, they get boring by time. You either think of switching it off or look for other option to pass time. To keep you committed with the game, the developers of Rolling Sky Mod Apk have introduced a new concept of auto changing surroundings. Just imagine! While you’re busy moving the ball away from obstacles, suddenly a new environment pops up right behind. Exciting right!? There are scenes like snowfall, bonfire, fireworks; cosmos etc. irony is, with every change of scenery, there is an increase in speed. If you’re an awesome player, you will easily be able to sail your ship even in the sea storm.
  4. Make This Pretty And Useful: To spice it up, even more, the makers of the Rolling Sky Mod Apk have kept a challenging mode. With the help of this feature, you can contact any of your social media friends and make the gameplay even more thrilling. All you have to do is, complete the game within a given time.
  5. Songs: The game has Alan Walker’s song alone playing in the background. This feature of the game makes it ranks first among all the other games of the same quality. While playing, you have to sync the game properly with the obstacles and the music playing in the background; which will improvise your level of concentration.
  6. Availability Of Several Balls: The developers care for the players so much that they have kept a facility where there will be no shortage of balls and unlimited shields will be provided to you. That means, you won’t get eliminated due to the presence of unlimited shield; or even if you get rarely, the immediate supply of the ball will not let you start the game from the beginning, you can start it from the place where you ended it.

How To Download The Game?

Go to your search engine and type the name. go to any URL from it and click the download button to get the apk or you can directly download rolling sky mod apk from direct link.


The Rolling Sky being the best gaming app. It takes you directly to the sky due to its easy to use nature and anti-violence gameplay. This game will take you to the sky whereby using simplest controls, only a finger on the android screen; you can dodge thousands of obstacles to complete your prolonged journey. Start playing Rolling Sky as soon as possible since it comes with logical choice rather than the normal ones.

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