We have already reached the timeline where technology is present everywhere in our regular life. Apart from optimizing the work culture and system of a company, technology has also made the hiring process much simpler and more accurate at the same time.

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The Role Of Technology In Optimizing The Hiring Process

There are a bunch of technical key elements that will assist you in making your recruitment process simpler and also ensure that it goes smoothly. Here are what experts are saying about all those technical key elements. Let’s have a look at them.


Recruitment chatbots can assist you in reaching out to candidates in several ways. For initial screening, provide the candidates updates on the status of their particular applications along with guiding them towards only those job profiles that are suitable for them.

Mobile Recruitment

Consumers are using their mobile phones for almost everything. From paying bills to ordering food to purchase furniture, everything is done through mobile. So, why will it be different for job searches?

The number of candidates who are looking for jobs through their mobile phones is increasing. Thus it has become a must for career pages to be optimized for mobile devices.

Programmatic Recruitment

In order to bid for media spaces on popular platforms, programmatic recruitment utilizes programmatic advertising. These popular platforms include Facebook, LinkedIn, banner ads on websites where candidates often visit. At the same time, it minimizes the job ad costs and maximizes the reach of a job post for the employers.

Video Interviews

Utilizing video technology for interviewing your candidates can actually speed up the entire recruitment process majorly. The candidates will no longer be required to fly from other locations.

At the same time, I can properly assess my personality fit for a role. Around 60% of applicants will not wait longer than 2 weeks for hearing from the recruiters. So, it will fasten up the entire process.


Yet, the usage of blockchain for recruitment purposes is not mainstream. But in simplifying the entire recruitment process significantly, its potential has been highlighted by several experts and companies.

The days are not far away when blockchain will become a standard part of the recruitment stack of HR. You also can look through HR trends for the answer.

Virtual Reality

All the applications of VR or virtual reality are making waves in various aspects of HR. That lies from recruiting to upskilling. But when it comes to recruitment, VR is equipped with the potential of enhancing the candidate experience massively.

Imagine, before the candidates start working, they can have a tour of their workplace. You will be able to show that to your candidates without asking them to fly around.

Recruitment Marketing Automation

Nowadays inbound recruiting, or attracting more candidates through marketing and advertising on platforms apart from job boards are essential.

It is really crucial to hover there where your candidates are and also reach out to them just the way you reach your consumers. In those cases, recruitment marketing automation becomes really necessary.

Technologies In The Hiring Process

Recruiting or hiring candidates is not only just asking them some questions to check their assessment. There are a lot more things. The whole process includes everything from posting out the vacancy advertisement to receiving applications, sorting them out, reaching suitable candidates, providing them the necessary information about your organization and the job role. Technology is making everything a lot simpler.