2 Reasons Why Your Kid Shouldn’t Own a Smartphone


Nowadays, there are many electronic gadgets available. These range from mobile phones, tablets, laptops and many more.

All are useful for searching for information and chatting with friends. However, such gadgets can be detrimental to youngsters.

Kids use their smartphones to share photos and connect with peers on social media. While this may be a good thing, there are many disadvantages of smartphones to kids.

What are the reasons why not to give your child a phone?

1. Access to inappropriate information

Kids use their smartphones to download adult content which and this can affect them negatively. For instance, some watch pornographic material and nudes. Spending lots of time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram waste your kid’s studying time.

Besides, there are many kids addicted to phones.

If your kid uses the Mobile phone to watch inappropriate videos, the best way to deal with this is to sell their device. Where can I trade my kid’s phone for cash?

There are many online places to do so, visit Swifttechbuy and exchange your phone for cash.

2. Exposure to online threats

Kids use their phones to access the Internet; this is a spot where almost every kind of information is available. As such, they get exposed to many dangers; cyberbullying, sexting and harassment are some of them.

Therefore, it’s imperative to monitor what your kid does online or do away with the device. What age should a child get a cell phone?

Well, there’s no exact age. However, they should know the disadvantages of accessing inappropriate content and report suspicious people online.


The disadvantages of smartphones to kids are numerous. Most teens use them to chat on social media platforms, and this wastes valuable study time.

Worse still, others use their devices to download harmful content, and this exposes them to many threats.

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By Sidharth

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