8 Reasons Why People Love Video Games


For some people, video games are the most important thing in life. For others, it’s just a way to pass the time or de-stress. Either way, it’s clear that video games bring a lot of joy to people’s hearts. Here are 8 reasons that people love video games.


The first reason people love video games is that there are always new games coming out. Even if you manage to beat every game on the market, there will be more games for you to play that you never even dreamed of before.


Another reason people love video games is because of the competition. No matter what kind of competitive aspect you enjoy, there’s a game for that – everything from sports to puzzles. Even professional athletes get a thrill from gaming. Browse now to find out which famous footballers love gaming.

Income and career possibilities

Whether you’re good at a popular game or not, there is a possibility of earning money from playing video games. This can be done by streaming your gameplay online and earning ad revenue from viewers who subscribe to hear you comment on the game as you play. As technology, internet speeds, and demand for streaming services continue to grow, this form of income could become more popular.

Social scene

Video games are a great way to meet people, especially if you’re shy. People who enjoy video games tend to be more social than the average person, at least when it comes to fellow gamers. This makes them easy to talk to and makes trying out new experiences easier.

Entertainment value

As long as there have been video games, there have been people who love them. They’re a constantly growing industry that will only continue to grow as technology advances. You can do everything from play games on your phone all the way up to participating in worldwide competitions with huge cash prizes. The possibilities are almost endless!


Finally, people love video games because they offer a distraction from real life. There are so many stressful things in the modern world that it’s nice to have an escape every now and then. Whether you play for fun or compete with others on a serious level, there’s little doubt that the time you spend playing is good for your mental and physical health.


Playing video games gives you an adrenaline rush. It’s a little-known fact that gamers have much lower heart rates than non-gamers, which means they need to get much more physical activity to keep their blood pumping. Gaming is a great way to add excitement and thrill into your life without running the risk of hurting yourself through other forms of sports or adventure.

Instant gratification

Finally, people love video games because they provide instant gratification. Since it often takes years for the latest game to be created, first released to beta testers, and finally released to the public, gamers are willing to pay top dollar for a title that will keep them entertained, even if only for a few hours. This means that you can sit down in front of your computer or gaming console and escape into a virtual world in an instant. There are few things more satisfying than this.

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