Whether you are a newbie or a professional, link building is something that everyone needs to acknowledge. After publishing a decent number of quality articles on your blog. It’s time to drive some organic traffic.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to expect that you will receive any organic traffic without proper link building for your blog. Because you won’t receive any direct organic traffic from search engines until they start trusting your content and information.

So if you are also one of those curious people who want to start their new blog and get around with SEO and related terms. We have provided a definitive guide about “Backlinks”. For the freshers who want to stand strong as successful bloggers in the market.

Know About the Backlinks and the Proven Methods To Acquire Quality Backlinks

Most of the new bloggers get carried away by unethical methods of backlink building available on the internet. Unfortunately implementing these methods without following the procedure will affect your blog’s overall ranking and performance.

Instead of finding shortcuts to build genuine backlinks, we suggest you build them manually. Here is a complete rundown regarding what are backlinks and proven methods to acquire quality backlinks.

Proven methods to acquire quality backlinks

What Are Backlinks?

When a specific domain links back to your blog’s root domain or a particular page, it’s known as a Backlink. To put it simply, whenever you visit a website seeking information there may be a phrase or term that is completely new for you. To keep things handy for the readers, the majority of the bloggers highlight that specific phrase or term. By linking back to a page that can provide in-depth information about that term.

The process of referring to such websites/pages is known as link building. And link-building tools can help you a lot while going through this process. So when a reader clicks a link from your article. He/she will be redirected to the link’s URL automatically. And it’s the main reason why these links are known as “Backlinks”. The reader is simply linked back to the source URL using them.


Importance Of Backlinks For A Successful Blog

Backlinks are one of the keystone elements to compete with others and rank on higher positions in the search engine result pages. Imagine you want to buy an SEO tool for your blog, yet at the present, you don’t have enough information about the best-selling SEO tools in the market.

Generally, you would start searching for recommendations/reviews related to the best tool for your blog. Rather than randomly selecting any SEO tools at your disposal. Obviously, we will choose a tool that’s recommended by someone we know personally right? The backlink system is the same as this example. So each time you receive a backlink from another blog, your blog’s overall authority keeps increasing. ( usually known as DA & PA )

Having a clean and attractive link profile for your new blog can benefit you in many ways! But first, you will have to build quality corresponding backlinks for your blog. And most bloggers prefer to use automated link-building tools for faster growth with better results.

Because beating your competitors without a strong link profile is near to impossible. Think of it as a follower base for your blog. The more followers you have, the easier it is for people and search engines to entrust the content and information provided by you. A strong link profile is what most of the search engines seek in a professional blog.

If you want your content to be on the top when search engines prioritize the results then quality content with a decent link profile is the critical factor for gaining over your competitors.

What Is Backlink Analysis and Why Does It Matter?

Best and Proven Methods To Acquire Quality Backlinks

If you are completely new to the world of backlinks or having a hard time building some quality backlinks for your blog. Then don’t worry as we have provided some proven methods and tips that are easy to implement for anyone. ( Most of them )

Now let’s get started and find out how you can get other sites to link back to your site. This creates a strong impression about the trustworthiness of your blog and its content when a search engine crawls your site. And using some of the best link-building tools from the market can make the process faster. We recommend that you try a single method at a time, as carrying out everything at the same time won’t give you any results without any effort.

1. Guest Posting Really Helps!

Used by millions of bloggers with a higher success rate, Guest posting is something that can turn the tables quickly if done properly! Even the results are produced for the long-term with more benefits compared to other methods.

It doesn’t require any additional knowledge still, you will need to create a solid piece of content that can be used for your partner’s blog. He/she can use your content to drive more traffic in exchange for offering you a permanent dofollow backlink on the blog. So each time a new visitor goes through the article there is a strong possibility that he/she will visit your blog via the backlink you acquired earlier.

2. Using Forums & Discussion Sites

Discussion sites and forums are an outstanding source of targeted traffic for any niche. Hence, utilizing them to your advantage can be very beneficial for the blog.

Sites like Quora and Reddit receive an enormous amount of traffic daily. And the good part is that search engines like Google trust these sites more than others. So if you can build a few backlinks on these sites, it can really improve your domain authority and overall link profile.

Most of the automated link-building tools can help you get around with it easily. No doubt you will receive enough traffic from these links if you provide legitimate opinions during the discussions, or answer the questions anyone has.

3. Produce Competitive Content

When link building works naturally, there are 90% chances of getting a quality backlink from a similar blog if you have interesting and compelling content posted on your blog. In simple words, if you are willing to serve the best possible content for your readers that’s unique compared to the content already available.

People will automatically start linking back to your site. You can generate backlinks without much effort if you create competitive content for the blog. You can use SEO software like raven tools for mining new content ideas for the blog, Or you can move to raven tool alternatives if you are not comfortable with it. Apart from content suggestion and creation features, there are tons of valuable functions raven tools provide at the same time.

4. Directly Approaching Niche Related Blogs

Another great way to get niche-related do-follow backlinks for your blog is to directly get in touch with other bloggers in the same niche as yours. You can start by composing a simple email. But make sure to not mention anything related to asking for the backlink in the first email.

Take your time and after successfully knowing each other you can talk about exchanging backlinks in the follow-up emails. You can also ask bloggers to buy niche edits because link-building is a value exchange after all. If you are targeting someone with a huge audience then you may not succeed if you have just started, So prefer to approach someone easier to convince.

5. Optimizing Broken Links

Broken link building is a very popular method among professionals. As you are helping others to find the dead links from their content and fix them. However, many people won’t allow you to update the broken links. So you can use link-building tools and extensions which are made to find such broken links.

After you find some broken links related to your content, you can approach the site owner and point out the dead links to help him avoid being penalized for dead links by search engines. If you got the permission to change them, simply replace them with a relevant article from your blog and you will successfully create a do-follow backlink.

6. Leaving Your Feedback On Similar Blogs

Another powerful yet efficient link-building method is by leaving your feedback on similar blogs. Whether you have set up a beauty blog or any other niche-related blog. Competition is always a problem when growing your blog from the scratch.

Hence, using some proven methods to acquire quality backlinks can help you with improving your overall link profile. To achieve that, you can start visiting the blogs providing content on the same niche as yours. You can go through their popular blog posts, and leave any feedback with a positive approach.

The Right Way to Acquire Safe and Powerful Backlinks in 2021

Wrapping Up

Don’t underestimate the importance of backlinks if you want to rank quickly for your search terms and niche-related keywords. Compared to other SEO practices, backlinks are easy to create. However, creating quality backlinks can be quite a long process.

In fact, once you successfully build a certain amount of backlinks, the benefits will be worth it. As for the shortcuts we recommend you don’t go looking for backlink sellers on freelancing platforms unless they are really genuine and trusted sources. Never use such services for making your blog rank higher in the SERPs. It will ruin your blog before it starts growing

Share this article with new bloggers and friends if you found any useful information. And don’t forget to mention any queries or suggestions you have in the comments section below.