Practical Tips to Finding the Best WordPress Hosting Plan


Most websites we come across today on different search engines rely on WordPress to function. One fact most people overlook is you need the best WordPress hosting service if at all you are considering your website having a future with WordPress. There are a lot of best cheap WordPress hosting providers and you have to find the one that works for your website. How do you know the best type of WordPress host for you? Trouble yourself no more as below are some tips that may help you find the best hosting service for your website today.

Shared Hosting

This type of hosting is mostly preferred by sites with low traffic. It is among the best cheap WordPress hosting services that small websites can afford today. The host of the site connects all their clients on one server. The customers being hosted may, therefore, have to share all resources of host machine for instance CPU, memory and hard drive storage space.

Shared hosting has its own benefits that make the option viable for book clubs, private journals, and small businesses. First, it is an affordable option that most can easily afford. Another advantage is getting started with this site is much easier compared to the competition. Here hosting is systematized and automated and even well documented to support operations. Your host provider will also maintain the server-level performance when it comes to both security, optimization and other rising factors regarding the site. Once a client has outgrown the site, they might have to consider moving their website to more developed hosts.

With as many merits as above, shared hosting can also be detrimental in its own way. First of all your site here is not optimized for WordPress. Secondly, the performance of your website can be determined by other clients hosted on the same server. This can be very risky especially for businesses that depend on transacting and trading online. Too much traffic on your website will force your host to drop you for the benefit of other clients on the server whose sites may be greatly affected.

VPS Hosting

Virtual private servers are almost similar to shared hosting only that in this case resources are not shared by clients. The storage space allocated to your site by your host will only be yours to use. Having dedicated and reserved resources may be the reason why VPS hosting is mostly used compared to shared hosting.

Virtual Private Servers are actually less expensive compared to dedicated hosting. This is a merit considering there are times when one may enjoy the same power as that of a dedicated host. This hosting is also superior to shared hosting and much more efficient. VPS allows scalability where additional resources like storage can be added without migrating your account.

Like all good things, VPS also has certain weaknesses like costing more than shared hosting. You furthermore need technical know-how to manage and successfully operate your website on virtual private servers. For this reason, you may incur extra expenses like hiring an expert to help you navigate through your operations successfully. You have to take more time to handle simple duties since here you do everything by yourself.

Managed WordPress Hosts

This is the best option but may also turn out to be the most expensive. Managed WordPress hosting services do all the work for their clients. Any maintenance and management are done by the hosting provider. The host here has to make sure your server is fully functional and exceptionally works well with WordPress. Your security and speed too can be boosted by this option compared to the above alternatives.

The big advantage of managed WordPress host service is you enjoy outstanding features which is necessary for the success of your website. You don’t have to worry about any aspect as experts will be handling everything on your behalf. With this option you also benefit from WordPress features, for instance, regular backups, easier site cloning, amplified speed for your website and easy restoration should you accidentally lose any data. It is the ideal package for well-established business websites looking for a reliable host.

Managed WordPress hosting service is however costly compared to the above two in the market today. It is a special type of hosting plan that might pinch your pocket for maintenance and hosting, even though the returns are worth it. This type of hosting also has a few restrictions. You are not allowed to install and run other software besides WordPress. This limits room for creativity and exploring other options.

In conclusion, the plan you choose is affordable and ensure the website is hosted on the latest server technology. Check with the provider that your website gets 99% uptime guarantee and 24/7 technical support.

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