Planning the first website project can be daunting, especially for online startups seeking to reach out to the global audience and make the most out of it. This kind of a project should not be underestimated and proper planning is important so you have everything you need and have a clear roadmap for what you want to achieve.

With a clear plan, it is easy to know which traffic bot to use for example in order to drive massive traffic to your site. Below are 5 tips for planning your first website project in a way that will not only drive traffic but also result in successful conversions.

1. Define your goals

Although one might think that this is obvious, the truth of the matter is that you should have it written down clearly. The internet is full of websites that look terrible and one can only be left wondering what goal the owners are seeking to accomplish. As you plan your website project, clearly write down what your goals are and come up with all the necessary components that will help you achieve them.

If you’re running an e-commerce site, make sure there’s a call to action or contact details for those starting a brochure website. Your goals will help define your journey towards achieving them. Your goals will also help you come up with important elements to be included in the website.

2. Define your target audience

Your demographic is definitely very important when planning your website project. When your audience is clearly defined, coming up with workable goals will be easy as you understand how the demographic works. Your audience should determine how your new website looks and this has to do with the colors of choice, graphics and the content to write as a way of enlightening them as far as your products or services are concerned. Understanding your target market has a major impact on your business as it helps develop the right communication style to adopt.

3. Know your competition

Make sure to research your competitors before launching your website project. This will help you understand how they convey their message and brand thus helping you understand how to design your campaign in a way that gives you an edge. As you do so, you will be able to understand what does or doesn’t work as far as their websites are concerned and also give you an idea of how you can design your site differently. Don’t be tempted into copying your competitors. Website layout and design as this does not set you apart at all.

4. Choose the best hosting platform

Your choice of hosting platform will have a huge impact on your new website project. Hosting platforms come in different shapes and sizes. This could make it a little bit confusing for you as a beginner and make it tempting to fall for the cheapest offers in the market. However, do not fall for the cheap deals as these could cost you dearly in the end.

Your host of choice should be reliable and offer quality services if your new online business is to register success. Some of the platforms you could use include Tumblr and WordPress, However, if you are looking for a user-friendly platform, then WordPress is an ideal choice is it comes with a user-friendly CMS that makes it easy to manage your content without incurring some additional cost. A developer won’t be needed for this and you can do it every day or whenever there is need to update your content.

5. Come up with a budget

A budget is very essential when planning your first website project. It is important to allocate enough money for this new project in a way that will help you advance your cause. This should not only cater to the web design but also the content you need in order to drive traffic to your site. Even when you opt for a traffic bot, you will still need enough informative content that will help make your website highly ranked by search engines and make you visible to your target audience.

There are many free websites available today but these might not cut it in the highly competitive professional arena. It is good to discuss with your web designer to help him understand your goals and come up with a clear design that will drive your business forward.

It’s also important to choose an easy to find a domain name that relates to your business and register it. You should remember that your domain name acts as your business identity and should be easy for your audience to remember. Do not go for a complicated name that will make people scratch their heads when they want to visit your page but instead go for one that is easy to memorize and identify without hassles.


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