Employing an in-house development team comes with an eye-watering price tag. You have to think about perks, pensions, equipment’s, taxes, and more. It is for this reasons many companies are looking for a development team offshore to save the cost of software creation and maintenance.

When you go offshore for search connects you to a broader pool of talents with preferable rates. However, you need to consider various aspects before the rate of excitement drives you to hire an incompetent team.

Before making an appointment, you should first prepare a questionnaire with steps of essential queries to ask. That way, you will be able to gauge their response to know whether it is the right team you need to work with. However, an offshore team is better and let’s sees the benefits you get when you outsource development team below.

Benefits of Outsourcing Development Team

  • You Pay a Flat Fee

Outsourcing helps you to get rid of many unnecessary processes that waste your money and time. For instance, when you outsource your team, there is no dealing with multiple timesheets and salaries as you will pay the company an agreed flat fee for the project.

  • Faster & Efficient

No one likes the idea of vetting individual applicant one after the other. The benefit here you cut the entire chase and deal with a whole company whose job is to deal with other issues. So, the time wasted dealing with negotiations and payments plans and processes are no longer part of the program. You only present the project, and they focus on how to deliver at a rate you agree.

  • Work With Managed Team

The advantage of outsourced developer’s team is the ability to do the leg work for you. If you have an in-house team, it is extra costly as you need a manager to monitor the team and also indirectly you will be involved.

For offshore company, they have their managers and therefore, as they work for your project, it gives you ample time to focus on essential things. Also, you have many avenues to track the progress of your project without the need to enquire for updates continually. Having a capable outsourced team keeps you supplied with the work progress, and that gives you more focus on plans or any changes you may have.

  • Less time on Support

Any project that involves Software development is a long term commitment with your team as they better understand the processes. In-House support in case of changes or maintenance can be costly, but with an outsourced team, it is cheaper.

The collaboration also becomes more comfortable after you get the flow of working together. Development is a progressive thing and working with an offshore team you can trust to fix here, and there is the way to go. It is cheaper to maintain the expense, especially if yours is a long term connection.

  • Ability to Hire Globally

To get a skilled team that is not expensive, locally is rare. The challenges are numerous getting a local group organized and is not practical for startup companies due to cost attached to the process. When searching abroad, you have the liberty to hire anywhere in the world.

Internet connection gives you control to reach a pool of very talented team, and you are free to choose the right team based on their experience. You have the advantage of real-time tools like Slack, Skype, and Webex, which makes it easier for you to keep communication flowing with your team.


Many companies have picked up the outsourcing idea, and it will broaden further in coming years. Having an house team limits your growth as you are tied physically, while for offshore team gives you the freedom to move freely. You can outsource anything apart from software development as the industry is growing with speed.

So, take advantage of the new outsourcing development to build a business with a team that understands your business objectives.


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