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If you are new to the writing field, you may need assistance in improving your writing skill and generating such lines that can engage more readers on the page.

Although you need a lot of practice for enhancing your writing, there is another handy option that can help you in this regard.

Online writing tools! It is an amazing option that you can go for generating the articles and making them appealing to the audience.

You can keep an eye on the length and authenticity of the content as well as rewrite the blogs that are already written by other authors.

Here we are going to discuss some top online tools in detail and tell you how they can assist you in improving the value of the content.

Top Online Writing Tools

rytr-me-logo (1).jpg

Rytr is an amazing AI article generator that can help you write the articles of your choice just by entering a keyword or a heading.

So, if you don’t have any idea about the topic or its direction, you can generate new articles here and later set them according to the structure.

Most importantly, if you are a new writer, this tool will be a blessing for you. The reason is that you can get an idea about the main points that you can add to the content.

This tool will write an article for you that will be explaining the keyword in detail. And the best thing about this tool is that it generates a human-like article that can be easily understood by the readers.

If you don’t have enough knowledge to paraphrase the content and give it a new shape without losing the actual intent of the blog, is a handy option.

This is another amazing AI paraphrasing tool that can assist you to rephrase the new version of content from the original one by preserving the actual intent.

The synonym library of this online tool is very huge so you can quickly recreate a new article using this tool and get a new content.

Moreover, this online rephraser ensures to keep the content is unique from the original one and avoids plagiarism in the lines.

So, you can have a better version of the article on your screen in very less time that can be used in your blogs to engage the readers and building the authenticity of the content.


While writing the new articles or recreating them via online tools, there are chances that you may add some copied content in the lines that can make the lines plagiarized.

And this element may decrease the worth of your content. Therefore, it is quite important to remove the copied lines from there and make them unique for the readers.

Copyscape is an amazing solution for this problem as you can check the uniqueness of the content and figure out the text that is matching with other sources.

This tool deeply checks the entire blog and matches the lines with other relevant topics on the search engine.It highlights those lines that are being copied from other sources.

Also, you will get a link to that source from where the content is matching. So, you can visit that page and make the lines different from that particular article.

Writing lengthy blogs and saving them on the device can be an issue for you. The reason is that you may not get proper features in the notepad that is present on your device.

So, what would be the possible solution for this issue? Which tool you can use to write the content in your own style by giving it a proper structure?

Online notepad! This is an amazing writing tool that can help you quickly write down your ideas and keep them safe in the device.

This tool offers you a lot of features by which you can design a proper structure for the article by adding headings and subheadings.

The best thing about the tool is that it offers you the “Google Search” option. You can enter the keyword or phrase here to get an idea about the topic if you get stuck at any point.

While writing blogs and essays, make sure to keep the lines to the point. You need to focus on the quality of the article and not its length.

Many writers make this mistake as they try to increase the length of the article by dragging the topic. This often leads to a change in the direction of the article that may distract the readers.

So, you need to cover the content in short lines. For it, the character counter tool can be a handy option that tells you the total number of words and characters present in the content.

Also, you can check the keyword density in the article just to make sure that the lines are presented naturally and that there is no keyword stuffing in the content.

Bottom Lines

Generating an engaging and informative article can never be an easy task, especially for new writers. They have to spend hours increasing the worth of the lines.

To make it easy and quick, they all can go for the online tools and generate the content there. The tools will help in improving the lines’ readability and making them unique for the readers.

All the tools discussed in this blog are quite handy to use as all of them have their own work and can assist you to generate such blogs that can be appealing and informative for the readers.