The technology job market is heating up. Just like it’s always been. And if the recent statistics are anything to go by then the IT job market will create even more opportunities over the next decade.

Today, even non-tech industries are keen to bring in competent IT professionals who can implement the required functionalities and help them save costs while delivering critical business value. Combine this with the rising gap between the available jobs and the tech skill gap and it only goes to show how lucrative this field can be if you play your cards right.

But as much as the demand for IT skills is high, the competition for the available job roles is even higher. Even with the required work experience, the hiring managers will almost certainly want a way to verify your skills and prove that they are just as legitimate as you claim. And if you want to develop in the field of networking, one of the best ways to confirm your experience is to get the CompTIA credential.

In this post, we highlight everything you may want to know about the CompTIA Network+ certification including the required exam, steps involved, your training options and a few easy tips for exam success.

Let’s get started.

CompTIA Professional Certification Track Overview

CompTIA aims to help IT beginners and professionals remain competitive in the job market by equipping them with fundamental IT knowledge and skills. To achieve this, they offer a wide-ranging certification program that is focused on IT networking, Cloud, IT Support, and Open-Source development.

In addition, CompTIA also provides specialized credentials that are not necessarily meant for IT professionals alone. This category also befits technical trainers, non-IT staff, and business professionals.

Think of the CompTIA career track as a single component that branches into 4 major entities. These include the Core, Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, and additional professional certifications.

About the CompTIA Network+ Certification

The Core certifications are among the most popular and highly sought-after CompTIA credentials. Intended to help IT professionals build their foundational IT knowledge CompTIA offers up to 4 badges under its core subgroup. They include the CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+), a pre-career credential that builds on IT foundation framework, CompTIA A+, Read More on Exam Labs Website Dumps, CompTIA Network+, and CompTIA Security+.

The CompTIA Network+ certification is a globally recognized accreditation that gathers the foundational IT knowledge of network professionals. By getting certified, a candidate will have the basic information and understanding of enterprise networking technologies such as virtualization and cloud protocols.

The Network+ certification not only shows that you are ready and motivated to learn but is also a proof that you possess the specific skills that employers are looking for.

Having this badge, you can apply for a number of job positions such as system engineer, network field technician, or network support specialist to name a few in the companies known all over the world, like Apple, HP, Intel, Dell among many. And what’s essential to all candidates wishing to get this CompTIA certification, your average annual salary will be about $65,000 according to the PayScale website.

Steps to Attaining the CompTIA Network+ Certification

CompTIA assumes that you have basic IT knowledge before registering for your exam. It is also recommended to all students to have either attained the A+ certification or possess the relevant technical knowledge. Furthermore, you should have a minimum of 9-12 months of proven working experience in an IT networking role.

Then, if you meet all these requirements you have to take and pass one exam, N10-007 by code, to earn your credential.

CompTIA N10-007 Exam Facts

First things first, the CompTIA N10-007 exam is ANSI accredited to comply with the ISO 17024 Standard. For this reason, this test is constantly reviewed and updated on a regular basis to cover the most current concepts. Unlike most of the certification assessments, the CompTIA N10-007 exam questions are developed from industry-wide survey results and subject matter expert workshops. This makes it effective in validating the skills and knowledge of novice technicians.

The CompTIA N10-007 exam will test your knowledge of 90 items related to the networking domain. And the exam questions will likely appear in multiple-choice and performance-based formats. The test duration is 90 minutes with the passing score set at 720 out of a possible 900 points.

To best cover all the key aspects of the Network+ credential, the CompTIA N10-007 exam will test your knowledge of the following topics: Infrastructure (18%), Network Troubleshooting and tools (22%), Network Security (20%), Network Operations (17%), and Networking Concepts (23%).

To schedule your exam, you will have to pay the registration fee ($319) in addition to completing the recommended training requirements.

CompTIA N10-007Exam Training Options

CompTIA provides reorganized and updated study materials that are meant to help candidates train easily for their exams. If you’re on the verge of completing your CompTIA Network+ training, you may want to explore this website to have a feel of the training resources it has to offer.

Some of the best options that will give your training journey a huge boost include the eLearning platform for CompTIA Network+, virtual labs that verify your hands-on skills, and the helpful study guides as well as the video training option that’s meant for Network+ training.

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