Every business owner aims to have a functional website for their business. Websites are imperious as they cater to the needs of more customers efficiently. If business owners aspire to gain more profits then a visually appealing website with robust features is a must.

Many business owners want a technically robust website for their business but factors like cost, maintenance, lack of coding knowledge, lack of resources, and so forth restrict them. But if you are determined and want a website for your business then you can learn the basics of coding or can take the help of an experienced website development services.

People who have a keen interest in web development but do not have the required knowledge or want to enhance their existing skills. Then this is the perfect spot where you can find about the 7 most popular websites and courses from where you can learn about website development.

Popular Courses for learning Web Development

1. Codecademy: Become a web developer

They offer an automated course and tutorials who are interested in basic learning of web development. It provides an independent environment where a person can learn the basics of programming languages like HTML, CSS, and so on. Before learning about the backend language like Python, Ruby on Rails, etc. The person must know front-end languages.

Course information:

Duration: Self faced

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of the full stack
  • The building of web apps
  • Showcase your skills and get a reputed job

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2. Khan academy: Computer programming

This site provides a detailed explanation of every subject hence better understanding to the learner. The experts guide learners through audio as well as video tutorials. At the same time, an interactive window narrates the code and output results.

Learning outcomes:

  • Introduction to HTML/CSS
  • Drawing and animations: JS
  • Games and visualizations: Advanced JS
  • Managing data and querying: Introduction to SQL
  • Creation of interactive web pages: HTML/JS

3. Edx: Introduction to computer science and programming using python

MIT, United States is the best technical school that provides this course. MIT offers a vast variety of courses related to mathematics, programming, development, Computer engineering, and so on.

Course information:

Requirement: Background in programming is required, the knowledge of high school mathematics and algebra.

Duration: 9 weeks

Learning outcomes:

  • Debugging and testing
  • Knowledge of Python programming language
  • Some simple algorithms
  • Introduction about algorithm complexity
  • Notion of computation

4. Coursera: Programming from everybody

Coursera offers numerous paid and unpaid courses to learners from different universities. A wide variety of courses are available in programming, computer science, and development.

In the above course, learners will learn about the basics of programming using Python. A person with average knowledge of computer science can excel in this course and another prerequisite is knowledge of simple maths.

Course information:

Requirement: knowledge of basic maths

Duration: 12 hours

Learning outcomes:

  • Python programming basics
  • Utilization of core programming tools

5. Mozilla: Learn web development

The course provides distinct modules and lessons through which learners can get basic to advanced knowledge about programming.

Course information:

Requirement: None

Duration: Self-paced

Learning outcomes:

  • Tools and testing
  • Web structuring-HTML
  • Web styling- CSS

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6. Google: Web Fundamentals

This course is developed by Google for targeting the audience from beginners to advanced level. Web fundamentals course provides a wide array of tutorials and guides based on web development.

Course information:

Requirement: None

Duration: Self-paced

Learning outcomes:

  • Overview about web development
  • User experience and design
  • Architectural patterns
  • Security
  • Engagement and integration

7. Udemy: The Web Developer Bootcamp

This is an economical and magnificent course for beginners who want to learn about web development. This course teaches various types of concepts that are necessary for web developers. This course can make you expert and job-ready in the field of web development.

Course information:

Requirement: None

Duration: 46.5 Hours

Learning outcomes:

  • Creation of complex HTML forums
  • Web application development using advanced technologies
  • Creation of CSS portfolio and static HTML sites
  • Blog application creation from scratch using Semantic UI, Express, MongoDB
  • Appealing responsive layouts can be created using Bootcamp

Wrapping it up!!

There are numerous courses available offline and online through which you can learn web development. But to guide you and save your crucial time we have mentioned the 7 most popular and beneficial courses through which you can learn coding and programming easily.

These courses have various modules, some are paid and some are free, you can choose the one which best suits you. Hurry!! The need for websites is increasing like anything and the web developer career can be so fascinating. Many enterprises go for custom web development for which developers charge handsome amounts. Go grab the opportunity fast.

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