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You wouldn’t think of trying to optimize your website with an analytics tool. Your social media accounts deserve the same scrutiny if you want the best results from them. Social media tools, such as NetBase, tell you want your customers are saying about your brand, both good and bad, on social media platforms.

Why Listen to Social Media Conversations?

You can learn what your customers say about your campaigns, product and service in Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and more. You can identify the most engaging content so you can create more like it. You’ll also discover what is not working so you can try something different.

Netbase is one of the best social media tools because it uses an in-house developed, patented AI to understand customer’s sentiment in 199 languages. It understands emojis, emotions, hashtags and more. The AI even analyzes images so you can see how your brand appears in user-generated images. Industry leaders, including Taco Bell, Chili’s and GoDaddy, use Netbase to listen to social media conversations.

Image Analytics

Netbase’s social media tools let you keep track of where your logo appears, even if the logo is a partial, modified or rotated version. You can identify trademark infringement so consumers are not confused by someone who imitates your brand with an inferior product. You also don’t want your logo or image used in inappropriate content which your customers may believe you approve.

Crisis Management

Monitor your brand on social media to stop a potential crisis in its tracks. With real-time notifications when customers are unhappy, you can respond right away. If you don’t pay attention, a small matter can spiral out of control as people share it on social media. When a brand reaches out right away after a customer points out a problem, people see it as a positive action. Crafting the best response is easier once you know what detractors are saying. Tap into their emotions to create a response which appeases them.

Understand Brand Advocates

You may have brand advocates which you don’t know about yet. With social media tools, you can reach out to these people and, if they have a large following, develop an influencer marketing program with the person. You can also monitor influencers you already have a relationship with to determine their impact on social media conversations and make sure they are getting the correct message out.

Social Listening

Brands need to identify the passion surrounding their brand and their competitor’s brands. Consumers are fickle; your best marketing plans can fail to resonate with consumers if you don’t use social listening to see what they are really saying. It’s impossible to know your audience and know what they feel passionate about using generic data.

Audience Segments

Whichever social media tool you use, it should divide your audience into segments, such as demographics, geography and interests. You want to know if you’re engaging millennials if they are your target audience. Learn what they care about so you can plan your social media campaigns and develop a strategy to reach your audience. You want an authentic strategy, not a hard sell, so you have to know what your specific audience care about the most.

Your social media goals should align with your overall marketing goals. If you work for an agency or in a brand’s marketing department, you know your budget depends on meeting specific goals. Certain goals, such as building brand awareness, are impossible to track without tools that let you listen for brand mentions on social media. Social media tools not only help you plan campaigns and respond to problems, they help you justify spending on social media marketing.

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