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Last updated on October 20th, 2022 at 01:01 pm

Faced with so many details, it is common for doubts to arise as to which USB Hub model is best for you. That’s why it’s important to know what are the main factors of comparison between products so you don’t make mistakes at the time of purchase. So, here’s what to consider:

USB Hub Format:

There are several USB C hub formats and, as insignificant as this may seem, you should pay attention to the type you intend to use. There are round models, where the devices have a little more space. But there are also rectangular ones, which are smaller and more technological models.


In addition to serving as a multiplier, the best Microsoft USB C docking station also acquires several other functions depending on the type of device connected to it.

It can become like this, a card reader, cooler, or even a keyboard, depending on the device you plug into it. So always consider the usage you will be using before purchasing the device.

Cable Size:

The cable size must be chosen taking into account the use you will make of your USB 3.0 hub with long cable. If you need to set up a fixed system, where devices are placed away from the main entrance, it is better to opt for a longer cable.

However, if you only want an item to connect a mouse, keyboard, or another similar device, it is best to choose a shorter cable. Shorter cables, up to 30 centimeters, are the most suitable for making the Hub more portable and versatile in everyday life. And always pay attention to the models, so that the shorter ones don’t block the other inputs on your computer.

Finally, choose carefully, as there is USB hub with long cable with attached cables and others with separate cables, already included. The separate cable is advantageous because it can be used both on the Hub itself and for other purposes, such as charging your smartphone, for example.

A number of ports:

When talking about a USB 3.0 hub with long cable, the number of available ports is very important information. To set this, you must know how many devices you want to simultaneously connect to your computer.

The most common are USB Hubs with 4 type-A ports, the most common in most devices. This amount is usually enough for most people, but if you need more ports, you can choose a USB Hub with seven, eight, or even ten of them.

Look not only at the number but also at the spacing between the different USB ports, so that you can insert all the devices you need into them.

Connector type and compatibility:

As mentioned before, there are several types of USB connectors, and you should always pay attention to them to ensure compatibility with the devices you need. Never buy a USB Hub without making sure it is compatible with the devices you use.

Hub with or without switch?

USB Hubs are devices where various items like a mouse, keyboard, flash drive, and other types of items can be connected. But, if you need to connect equipment with high energy consumption, prefer a USB Hub with a switch. This increases the level of security and also the performance of the connection. Switch models usually have an LED indicator light, which shows when the equipment is operating.

Discover the best USB Hubs:

As you can see, the best USB C docking station is a very practical item, which allows you to connect several USB devices at the same time. Today, there are many options and there are many variations between them. Always choose carefully, taking into account the characteristics mentioned above.

With this device, you can use just a single USB port to connect 4 different devices that are compatible with USB 3.0. All this through a compact Hub, produced from quality materials and which has high resistance. With it, you can manage files quickly and in a very practical way. And best of all, you can take it wherever you want, whether in your pocket or backpack.

In addition, with a USB hub it is possible to transfer and sync data quickly, with speeds above 5 Gbps. That means transferring an entire HD movie in just a few seconds.

The lention USB 3.0 hub with long cable is the perfect USB hub for connecting to notebooks. It has a short cable, but with good spacing between the ports, so you can connect up to 4 devices without any difficulties. Because it’s compact and lightweight, this little device fits anywhere. So, you can take it with you wherever you go.

But if you’re still not sure which one to buy, do not miss to check out lention.com site where we have gathered several USB hubs with pictures and descriptions so it will be easier for you to pick the best.

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