How to Get New Leads Daily : A Step by Step Guide to Law Firm Marketing


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From 2008 to 2018, there was a 15.2% rise in the number of lawyers in the US. This is great news for people in search of legal assistance, but for lawyers starting their own firm, the competition is stiff.

Don’t make the assumption that new clients will always come your way simply based on the number of cases in your field and region each year. To track down clients, you’ll need to focus on law firm marketing.

Law firm marketing is the practice of advertising your law firm in search of new leads. This involves branding, establishing authority, and more.

Read on to learn more about how to market your law firm and land new leads on a steady basis.

Focus On What Makes You Unique

Whether your law firm is new or simply lagging behind the competition, it’s important to start with your branding efforts.

When we think of branding, things like logos, social media pages, and slogans tend to come to mind. Before you can get to any of these strategies, you need to determine who you are as an attorney and what you offer that makes you stand out from the pack.

Whatever this quality is, keep it at the forefront of your law firm marketing materials. Do your attorneys focus exclusively on one case at a time, guaranteeing your clients their full attention? Do you offer more free services and resources than other law firms in your area?

Once you’ve got a clear image in your head, boil down a few unique characteristics so that you have slogans and tags to embolden on every landing page you create.

Show Off Your Credibility

Establishing credibility is considered a passive marketing technique. Here, you’re not presenting potential clients with a barrage of calls to action. Instead, you’re strategically guiding them to content that proves that you’re an authority in your field.

Has your law firm won awards? Include images of your awards on your homepage and create links to a page that explains each award and why you won it in more detail.

Ask your previous clients for reviews. Word-of-mouth is a great way to generate new leads and testimonials offer a sort of digital alternative. Potential clients may not want to take your word, alone–but when they see others discussing the ways that you won their case, they’ll feel more confident in your abilities.

Work With SEO Experts

Search engine optimization is an important tool for getting your content–and your contact page–in front of readers in need of help.

SEO experts can track down the phrases and keywords your potential clients are using to find the information they need. Once you know what people are looking for, you can create content catering to those needs using the phrases and keywords that produce the most results.

Create Video Content

We live in a visual, digital world. People aren’t always willing to sit down and read 2,000 words about personal injury claims or your attorneys’ experience with cases just like theirs. They’re more likely to take five minutes to watch a video you’ve produced about the same subjects.

Video content allows you to engage with potential clients and establish your credibility. Plus, video content has been found to improve brand recall and boost SEO visibility.

Use Gated Content to Grow Your Email List

Chances are, you already provide a ton of free content in your law firm marketing. Case studies and blog posts tend to be some of the most successful components of a law firm’s website. Once again, this kind of content is a great way to cater to your SEO needs and drive more potential clients to your contact information.

Gated content can consist of the same types of posts, case studies, and informational videos you’re already producing. The difference is that for your viewers to access the information they’re looking for, they have to enter their email address to receive the content in their inbox.

Why is this beneficial for your law firm? It helps you to grow your email list and the people who are exchanging their email for information about legal help, well, probably need legal help. Once you have their personal information, you can use it when generating email campaigns.

The best way to integrate gated content into your existing website is to provide half of the information right there on the page. Once your viewer knows that you’ve got the answers to their questions, they’ll be willing to submit their information in exchange for the full answers.

Skip the Hassle and Use a Lead Service

As you can see, law firm marketing is no small task. To market your law firm as effectively as possible, you’ll need to work with marketing experts, which could create a lot of open-ended contracts for your law firm.

A streamlined alternative is to work with an all-in-one organization that generates law firm leads for you. You give them any useful information about your law firm. They do the research and start advertising your law firm in the most effective spaces for lead generation.

Don’t Skip Out on Law Firm Marketing Leads

If you need more leads, it’s time to examine your current law firm marketing strategies. Incorporating some or all of the strategies we’ve discussed here will help you get the turnover you need to stay at the forefront of the competition.

For more information on how to keep your business booming, bookmark our page and check out all of our useful content.

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