The Joan App Helps Businesses Allocate Resources from Parking to Desks, Rooms, and Even Scooters


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Remote working in the United States has been on the rise for nearly two and a half years. This interesting increase has also been accompanied by the adoption of new nationwide working norms by companies accepting that flexible work is more than a mere symptom of the pandemic, but rather the rapidly-approaching future of the working world.

In McKinsey’s recent American Opportunity Survey, which provides insight into the lives of 25,000 Americans, this was highlighted most starkly by a single figure: 58% of Americans indicated they were able to work from home at least once a week. This statistic is important to note because it represents workers from all sectors of the economy, including both blue and white-collar professions.

Hence, companies must adapt in order to not just respond to these changing times but thrive in them. Solutions such as the Joan App, and its family of inter-connected products, allow businesses to fully harness the power of a flexible and collaborative workplace. As traditional workways give way to these more modern norms, businesses will increasingly take advantage of such solutions.

The Growth Of Flexible Working

Flexible work is quickly becoming more commonplace in the workplace; the term refers to any role outside of the traditional structure of 9-to-5, five days a week. It affords workers even greater freedom to perform their jobs to the best of their ability in locations and on schedules that suit them.

This development has received mixed reviews but possesses the potential to be a significant force for good for companies if appropriately responded to. Concerns over worker efficiency when based at home are natural but will seem insignificant when compared to the benefits companies stand to gain by taking advantage of flexible work.

One major benefit offered to companies is the greater pool of talent to recruit from, as employers are no longer limited to prospects based in local areas for such remote and flexible jobs. Additionally, it grants smaller firms an increased ability to attract employees and compete with larger counterparts where they cannot match their more appealing staff benefits. Finally, significant anecdotal evidence has suggested that flexible workers demonstrate increased efficiency as a result of their ability to know how, where, and when they choose.

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How Joan App Can Help

One of the challenges posed by an increasingly flexible work environment is ensuring company assets and resources are being used most efficiently. Moreover, individual assets such as offices, desks, and car parking spaces for each worker become increasingly inefficient the more flexible the firm is.

This is because at least a portion of the time during the week, such assets will be sitting idly by as the worker they are assigned to is based at home; this is naturally inefficient and a waste of resources. Businesses can utilize Joan App, a workplace management system, in order to eliminate this inefficiency and fully harness the power of flexible work.

In particular, this app does this by allowing businesses to possess shared resources that are available for booking by the workers that will be based on-site at any time. Assets such as car parking spaces, meeting rooms, and desks are available to be booked via this app in order to streamline a business’s operations.

Workers can ensure any company asset is available for use when they need it in as few as three taps, and automatically tracks and displays this information in order to eliminate any chance of double-bookings and other hiccups preventing a company from streamlining its operations.

Final Remarks

While there are many options available to businesses to automate personal diaries, no equivalent solution has been provided for the management of time in a corporate setting. With the latest iteration of Joan App, which is being referred to as the “new Calendly for everything business-related”, this is no longer a worry.

Businesses can move forward into the flexible work environment of the future with the power to most effectively take advantage of all its benefits while minimizing inefficiencies. To learn more about Joan and its fantastic range of products, feel free to follow the link above.

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