Jesse Willms Provides Insights into E-Commerce Best Practices


Jesse Willms is a successful and skilled business entrepreneur with a lot of experience setting up different entrepreneurial activities with profitable outcomes across different sectors.

In the internet business world, Jesse Willms has set up good business ideas with great profitable returns. Jesse Willms’ experience in the internet sector mainly includes using the available internet data as a digital marketing tool to come up with great sale opportunities for various products and commodities.

In the car marketing sector, he developed a model that enabled would-be buyers to know more about the vehicles they were planning to buy. This has proved to be of great importance to the car industry.

Jesse Willms’ E-commerce best practices

1) Marketing your Product

With a solid portfolio in E-Commerce, Jesse Willms gives us the best practices to put in place to succeed in the industry.

E-Commerce can be defined as the trading of a commodity or a business transaction done through the internet. To set up a good E-Commerce idea, you first have to understand the market and how it works.

Knowing the main principles of marketing gives you an edge in the industry. The main pillars of marketing include product, price, promotion, and location.

The product is the core object in E-commerce that determines how you will set up your system and the best practices to put in place.

You need to observe that the product under your platform is of value, provides a solution to a particular problem, details the product, the advantage of your product compared to that of competitors, and the positive outcome it has to the target market.

Pricing your product is a great determinant of the success of your product. You need to consider your profit margin, the number of products sold to breakeven, how your pricing strategy compares to that of competitors, the lowest price you can charge for your product, and the highest amount that your target market can pay for your product. Your decision on pricing needs to be well planned and strategic to the target market.

The location of your product is of importance to the success of any E-commerce platform. It is good practice to ensure your product is easily accessible to your target market.

Your product location needs to have a good supply and distribution system. This will establish a seamless e-commerce platform. You need to set up a product in a location that allows you to have the edge over your competitors.

Your marketing strategy helps build a good practice of developing your e-commerce platform.

It can be advertising, publicity, sale promotions, and interactive marketing to help build a good practice of developing your e-commerce platform. You need to strive to remain better than your competitors when promoting your product.

When adhered to and put into focus, the four pillars of marketing can help establish good E-commerce practices, as stated by Jesse Willms.

2) Incorporating Social Media into your Online Business

Social media came into existence as a platform to talk, relate and share ideas with others who might not be in the same physical location.

Over the years, it has grown quite massively and has a major impact on the E-commerce industry. Most of the time spent online by people is on social media.

Jesse Willms illustrates why it is important to incorporate social media into online business and to use it to build your business.

Before social media, the Yellow pages and Google search engine were used when looking for a certain product or service. The massive online community in social media is slowly changing as businesses now prefer to advertise on social media platforms.

The platforms enable the business to easily and directly interact with their target market; hence no need for middlemen. It is also less expensive and less time-consuming to advertise on social media platforms.

To build an E-commerce brand, using social media will easily fast-track your growth. It has made it possible to identify your target market, know their interests, and how your product will align to meeting their demand.

Online businesses can also share deals and promotions of their product via social media, and they are assured of a positive response.

Jesse Willms explains that ignoring social media is fatal to your E-commerce platform. Your competitors can easily take up space and volume meant for your business as you struggle on the outside. Taking into account social media in your E-commerce platform is a good practice.

3) Content Delivery Network in the Internet

Successful entrepreneurs can attest that a content delivery network to your website is a major digital marketing strategy. If you are wondering how to supplement sales and generate more income, you should consider content delivery.

Generate high-quality content relevant to your target audience and watch how your sales will increase. Build great content and reach out to large audiences on the world wide web. The internet and technology came to transform business ventures, so go for it!

Incorporating a content delivery network into your online business plays an important role in the growth of your business and in being ahead of your competitors.

By using the Content delivery network, the online business has the advantage of access to a wider market since the network helps increase traffic to your online business.

4) Use YouTube Content Creation

Technology has transformed businesses, and YouTube is a major contribution to business success. The world is shifting to YouTube content creation, especially if you are an entrepreneur. Through this platform, marketing gets easier as you reach out to different generations, and you can share great content and generate many sales.

This platform is widely popular in many continents, and it was founded in the 2000s. Through this platform, you can transform your startup business into a multi-million business. YouTube is a great platform to showcase the upcoming generation of entrepreneurship and the capabilities of these entrepreneurs.


Building an E-commerce platform for your business requires the best practices to ensure your business’s growth and stay ahead of your competitors.

As an upcoming business owner, you should connect with your customers and build leads through the online world.

As illustrated by Jesse Willms, the above best practices will help you establish your online business. Always consider them when setting up your E-commerce platform to emulate the success illustrated by Jesse Willms.

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