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When you sign up for a trade show you know that you want to go and meet a large number of people. Tradeshows are great ways to increase the number of consumers that get to know your business and what you provide for them. At a trade show, there are tons of vendors just like you hoping to grab the attention of the attendees. There are some items that you can bring in order to help you and your booth stand out compared to others. Such as a backlit trade show display, giving away swag, and having food. All these things can help increase the foot traction to your booth and increase sales.

Backlit Trade Show Display

An easy way to catch the attendee’s attention is to have a booth that is eye-catching and enticing. Having a backlit display is a great way to do that. It is not your basic backdrop that you just roll out but one that is customized for you and what you are wanting to showcase to those that walk by. The lighting that is incorporated can help draw in individuals and give dimension to your booth. This allows you to stand out compared to the minimal backdrops. The more appealing your booth is the more foot traffic you will get.

Swag to Give Away

Another great way to bring individuals to your booth is to have swag to give away. This can be anything that has your brand on it. Items such as mugs, mouse pads, water bottles, and bags are all great ideas that can have your logo on them so they will remember your business after walking away. It is best if you can get your hands on swag that individuals will want and can find a use for. These can also be seasonal, so if you are at a trade show in the spring an umbrella may be a good idea. Or a trade show in the winter, a beanie or scarf would be useful. You may need to get creative, but people always like free stuff.

Food and Beverages

There is no better way to entice attendees to your booth than to have food and drinks. You may decide to have themed snacks, such as tropical so you have fruit and Pina Coladas. Or you could do an assortment of snacks and drinks so it would be appealing to a wide range of people rather than a specific kind of taste. A great idea is to have a soda bar where people can choose their soda and add flavorings as they please. This allows for custom drinks but gives them the power to do it themselves. Have snacks that are easy to take on the go but also some specially made cookies to give a bit of variety depending on the individual’s wants.

Foot Traffic Matters

Once you sign up for a trade show, you know that the main goal is to increase your sales through the foot traffic you expect to get. You have to do everything in your power to bring more individuals into your booth to hear what you have to say. Having an enticing backlit tradeshow display, giving away swag, and giving away food are all great ways to bring traffic to your booth. Many vendors will have the same ideas as you so be creative to make your booth stand out.

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